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[Bay Area Blues ] Re: Dave Specter, Where are you??

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  • JCBlues@webtv.net
    Hey Mo, I m pretty sure that most of the folks who read your first post on this topic understood what you where saying and thanks for being thick skinned and
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 1, 2005
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      Hey Mo, I'm pretty sure that most of the folks who read your first post on this topic understood what you where saying and thanks for being thick skinned and patient while our photographer friend goes out of his way to pick on you again...I was gonna make the trip down there but when it started raining buckets I remembered how wiped out I was from the Tommy Castro/Daniel Castro gig in Petaluma the night before and decided to save what energy I had for the Nitro benefit and I'm pretty sure I'd have felt the same way had I made that scene (and as I type I'm enjoying watching the "American Roots Music" cd set I won as a raffle prize at the Nitro benefit). It's possible that if the travel to the Spector/Freund show would have been on a nicer day and on shorter route you would have been just a bit less dissapointed in having your expectations altered by the short performance...anyway, it's also possible that Joe, who lives in close proximity to the Mojo Lounge and who doesn't get out that much because of his young family at home is a bit frustrated himself and is taking it out on you. He probably thinks he's being funny but he's not. Anyway, it's been an entertaining string and here's what I really think:

      Mo, with Dave and Steve on the same release it's real possible that we'll see Mr. Spector a lot sooner again than you think since they've got a commercial reason to be playing together and could be hooking up again to promote their cd giving us both another chance....

      Stan, you're the man!...(wish I could make it to your gig at San Benito House in Princeton on the 3rd from 7 to 10pm but I'll be stuck at work)...

      Mari, you're a hoot as always and I'm looking forward to hearing ya sing at The Saloon (with Steve and Robi on the bandstand as well?) on Wednesday the 30th...

      Joe, put down the keyboard and go to your room and don't come back til you have something a bit nicer to say!


      --- In bayareablues@yahoogroups.com, "Joe Lempkowski" <mr_jlemko@y...> wrote:
      > Mo,
      > Yes. The club owner.
      > He booked the show. Right?
      > He sets the policies in his club. Right?
      > Ultimately, he is responsible. Right?
      > I don't think you should have to pay, if you were frustrated by the
      > show. If you weren't satisfied with last night's show, I think you
      > should get your pre-paid entrance fee returned to you in an
      > expeditious fashion.
      > I won't help you get a refund for anything you put in the tip bucket.
      > You put that money in there during the performance.
      > I'm going to go to bat for you. I'll report back later.
      > Cheers,
      > Joe
      > P.S. If he says that he won't refund your cover charge for last night,
      > I will take up a collection. Normally, I would give you that money
      > out of my own pocket, but I am not working at the moment. I really
      > don't like seeing you this frustrated.
      > P.P.S. Do you take PayPal?
      > --- In bayareablues@yahoogroups.com, "Maureen Hayes" <bluesmom61@c...>
      > wrote:
      > > Thanks Joe, I would appreciate that. Although, I'm not sure why
      > we're talking about the owner of the Mojo.
      > >
      > > On #1, the answer is- YES!.
      > >
      > > #2-yes
      > >
      > > #3-not frustrated but I did pay. Always do.
      > >
      > > #4-was happy with the early show, yes, accepted the short show, yes,
      > but expected more Specter, definitly!
      > >
      > > #5-yes,the rain was a bitch.
      > > but I still don't get where the owner of the Mojo Lounge comes in.
      > > But hey, if you want to talk with him about it go 'head.
      > >
      > > #6- he was on tour, no?
      > >
      > > Thanks, joe;-)
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