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two events - Selective College Admission & Fudan Summer Camp 4/26 1:45 pm at Alviso (between Milpitas and Santa Clara)

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  • Anthony Liu
    Dear friends, Just a kind reminder of the following events (attachment with details): ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 23, 2009
      Dear friends,

      Just a kind reminder of the following events (attachment with details):

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Host:Fudan University Alumni Association of Northern California (FDAANC)
      World Financial Group Branch Office
      2077 Gold Street
      Alviso, CA 95002 US
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      When:Sunday, April 26, 2:00PM    Add to my Outlook Calendar

      It's an honor that we, Fudan University Alumni Association of Northern California (FDAANC), can invite a well known expert, Ms. Chen Wanqiu to give us (and your children) a seminar regarding Planning for College:

      How Admission Decisions Are Made in
      Selective Colleges

      Specifically, the seminar will: 

      • Walk you behind the scenes of an admissions office 
      • Explain how each applicant is ranked and evaluated
      • Analyze GPA, class rank, and academic rigor
      • Discuss complexities in selective admissions

      These are just the tips of the iceberg.  A lot of good advice covering the entire application process, will be offered!

      Date: Sunday, April 26, 2 p.m. -  4 p.m.
      Location: 2077 Gold Street, Alviso, CA 95002

      Ms. Chen's seminar "A Four-Year Action Plan" hosted by SJTU-SV parenting club last Sunday was a huge success!  The seminar room was so packed that many people stood for the entire two hours, attentively absorbing every word Ms. Chen said!

      Please sign up for this rare opportunity.  We need to know how many we will expect, and please come early to make sure you can have a seat!  Bring your school children with you, because this seminar is for them!

      Background of the Speaker:

          * Received admissions training from Harvard Admissions Institute & Stanford on the job training

          * Former Director, Stanford University's Graduate School of Business, with over 10 years of admissions and financial aid experience

          * Former Director, Santa Clara University's School of Engineering, overseeing admissions

          * Receipt of the prestigious A. Mike Spence Staff Excellence Award from Stanford. (A. Mike Spence was the dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard, overseeing Harvard College from 1984 to 1990. He served as dean of the Stanford Business School from 1990 to 1999. In 2001, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his contributions to the analysis of markets with asymmetric information.)

          * Popular speaker on undergraduate and graduate admissions, with unparalleled insider knowledge about selective admissions.

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      Dear Alumni and Friends,

      Please see attached documents for details.

      由复旦附中教育发展基金和复旦附中海外基金会联合主办的“ 仲夏在复旦——龙飞飞少年夏令营 复旦附中2009(暂定名)定于200976814在复旦大学附属中学正式开营,招生主要面向国内外复旦(及附中 )校友子女,和社会各界有兴趣的朋友,年龄为5年级至9年级(0 9年秋季)的学生。特发此简讯以帮助各位家长早作准备, 具体招生登记表将于20094月底正式公布。

      本夏令营依托复旦附中优秀的场地和设施, 在注重培养语言能力和传播文化的同时, 借鉴美国夏令营企业化的运营模式, 为兴趣爱好广泛的中外少年开设包括中文教育、科技、体育、 以及艺术和手工在内的营地活动。 所有的活动都将用中英文双语展开, 不仅让孩子们有机会接触跨文化的趣味活动, 从而提高学习中文的兴趣,而且让他们交到跨国界的朋友,使200 9年的夏天成为他们少儿生活中的亮点。

      我们现接受预登记, 请对此夏令营感兴趣的家长将以下信息填妥发至以下电子信箱: info@.... 并在标题栏注明 "2009 Fudan Summer Camp"。我们会尽快和您联系.

      • 家长姓名
      • 子女姓名
      • 子女年龄
      • 子女性别
      • 所在城市,州
      • 宅电
      • 手机
      • 电子邮件
      • 有意加入哪一期夏令营(7/6 - 7/26, 7/27 - 8/16)
      • 走读/住读
      • 问题或建议
      FDAANC Board
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~


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