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Final reminder: SVTN seminar today. FAST IS SLOW - Doing Business in China.

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    www.tsinghua.net (visit our website) 硅谷清华联网 This is the final reminder for today s seminar. The seminar attracts lots of interests. Please be
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      www.tsinghua.net  (visit our website)

      This is the final reminder for today's seminar. The seminar attracts lots of interests. Please be there on time. Refreshments will be served.
      - a story from a successful entrepreneur

      He started with only 3000 RMB;
      He has successfully created two famous brands: Xiao Ba Wang (小霸王), Bu Bu Gao (步步高);
      He is one of the top 100 richest Chinese;
      He bid for $620,100 to have a lunch with Warren Buffett;
      He is the successful investor who helped Netease (http://www.163.com) in 2001;
      You are invited to join Silicon Valley Tsinghua Network (SVTN) seminar. This time, SVTN is honored to have DUAN Yongping as our speaker. Mr. Duan is a very successful entrepreneur who has thoughtful understanding on China market. As we all know, a successful start-up, technology is not the only key; marketing is also critical and even more important.
      Come to our seminar! You will learn how to do business in China . You will know what is the story behind  “FAST IS SLOW”.
      Place: Dr. Anderw Q. Wu's Office
                 20600 Mariani Ave. ,
                 Cupertino , CA 95014 (close to Apple Computer campus)
                 Tel.: (408) 257-3767
      Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm, Wednesday, August 2, 2006
      Language: Chinese
      Charge: $10 for RSVP, $15 for walk-in (seats are NOT guaranteed for walk-in.);
      RSVP (Space is limited to 80 people): email to tsinghua_net@... with subject "Fast is Slow - 2006 event"
      DUAN Yoingping (段永平)
      1978-1989年 毕业于浙江大学无线电系,毕业后分配到北京电子管厂。后就读于中国人民大学经济系计量经济学硕士专业。
      19893月 到中山怡华一间小厂做厂长,该厂亏损200万元。他决定做电子游戏机。
      1991 小霸王电子工业公司成立。
      1995 小霸王产值达10个亿,品牌评估5个亿。
      19958月 从小霸王辞职。
      19959 步步高电子有限公司在东莞成立,段任董事长兼总经理。几百人离开小霸王进入步步高。
       1998 在中央台广告标王。
      Louie Liu (刘宇), partner, AsiaTech Management, www.asiatechventure.com
      Louie is the Chairman of Silicon Valley Tsinghua Network (SVTN). He was the president of SVTN from 2002-2005. Louie is a Tsinghua alumni and works as a venture capitalist in the Silicon Valley and China. His firm, AsiaTech Management, has invested primarily in early stage technology companies in multimedia, software and semiconductor, some examples are Netscreen, Protego Networks, Netlogic, CenterRun, Mediabolic, Intruguard Devices, Intoto, Mediabolic, Ipedo.  AsiaTech has offices in Silicon Valley, Hangzhou and Taipei.

      Silicon Valley Tsinghua Network

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