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  • bay_area_fun_club@yahoogroups.com
    May 1, 2011
      Bay Area Fun Club Message Posting Policy

      Hi everyone,

      We are very proud to have you as a friend and member of our bay area fun club
      yahoo group. We wish you enjoy the events we've hosted and organized
      throughout the past years.

      This policy is a reminder to our member regarding our message posting
      conduct you need to consider when you post a message to our fun club

      1) All event-related information sharing, such as dancing event,
      clubbing event, traveling event, social gathering event,
      or other fun/life related event information sharing
      are welcome in our fun club.
      2) No personal adverstisements nor non-event related adverstisements
      are allowed in our fun club message board
      3) No advertisement for profit purposes are allowed except those are event related that can serve the public community
      4) No personal attacks to any party in this club is allowed, regardless of the orign of such attacks
      5) All messages should comply to all the effective laws in the United States,
      and all effective laws in the State of California
      6) No event organiziers hold any liability for any events she organizes. You are fully responsible for your own safety and well-being while participating events posted in this yahoo group.

      Thank you and hope you enjoy the events organized and hosted by our Bay Area Fun Club.

      You are welcome to join in our other regular events.
      Some of our public events are posted on a shared public web site at:
      For private events, you can check on our yahoo group front page and contact the event organizers.

      Best Regards,

      Bay Area Fun Club Management Team

      (revision 2006.09.29)
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