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3112no matter where you are

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  • quanshuai
    Jan 1, 2005
      hi, there,

      happy new year! we hear the sound of counting down. we see the
      fireworks in the sky. we have all of our friends in mind and happiness
      in heart.

      no matter if you are driving through a snow storm (as kai did), no
      matter if you are in the crowds of Pasadena rose parade (as Li, Amy,
      Charlie and more are doing), no matter if you are staying by yourself
      with lots of fun thoughts for the future (as one of my friends said on
      the phone), no matter if you are clubing in Downtown SF (as
      someone...), and no matter if you are visiting your family-----

      happy new year! 历史不再重演! 新年新开始!

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