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Essex Warriors Open Day, Writtle Essex England Sun 28th September 20

You are cordially invited to attend ESSEX WARRIORS OPEN DAY on Sunday 28th September 2014 from 10am to 4pm at Writtle Village Hall, 18,The Green, Writtle,
Drew Jarman
Sep 17, 2014

Last day: 15mm WWII Desert Fortifications!

check out Modeldads video review of some of our range: Baueda's 15mm scenic bases, objective markers & fortifications: a video review
Sep 3, 2014

15mm WWII Desert Fortifications

Hi guys, this is Claudio from Baueda Wargames ltd. We are already producing a large range of high quality resin cast wargame terrain, designed specifically for
Aug 5, 2014

Latest release: 15mm WWII "dragon's teeth" anti-tank fortification!

Been a while, but hopefully we should now be able to start again adding new products to the catalog... here is the first: 15mm "dragon's teeth" anti-tank
Jul 24, 2014

Norse Irish Bonnachts and “Sons of Death” preview!

I just finished the figures for GAE4 – Norse Irish Bonnachts and GAE7 – Norse Irish “Sons of Death” you can see them on our facebook page at
Dec 31, 2013

latest release: 15mm NORSE IRISH 842 AD-1300 AD

Our fabolous 15mm Norse Irish http://www.baueda.com/hostis_gae.html range is now available! Perfect from Éire first exposition to Viking influence until the
Nov 28, 2013

Hoppidus survey results

Hi, first of all I'd like to express my gratitude to all those fantastic people who took the time to write either on the list or in private and give me
Nov 18, 2013

Re: Hoppidus forts feedback request

Hi Claudio, I have ordered from a couple of your fortification ranges, as well as several items from your various tent ranges.  I have been very pleased with
Keith McNelly
Nov 13, 2013

Re: Hoppidus forts feedback request

Agreed. Please do not cater to the lowest demoninator like the rest of the world is starting to do Hauber Yeah BITCH, Magnets!
Jim Hauber
Nov 13, 2013

Re: Hoppidus forts feedback request

I am surprised to hear that. I have had a very good experience with the modular fortifications, and I have bought several different ones. Darryl In a message
Nov 13, 2013

Re: Hoppidus forts feedback request

Hello Claudio, The minis you supply are unique in the world. I would very much like to see the entire range remain on sale as it is now. I will be ordering
Nov 13, 2013

Re: Hoppidus forts feedback request

Hi Claudio, Haven't got mine yet, but don't imagine, I for one will mind. I'm fussy as hell when it comes to prepping anyways! Kenneth
Kenneth Chipman
Nov 13, 2013

Re: Hoppidus forts feedback request

I totally agree with Peter, Caveat Emptor (sp?) Hauber Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the universe. --
Jim Hauber
Nov 13, 2013

Re: Hoppidus forts feedback request

Hello Claudio I agree with the previous comments. Keep the pre-painted items for those who want them, but also the basic unpainted resin kits for all the rest
Mark Stevens
Nov 13, 2013

Re: Hoppidus forts feedback request

Claudio   I have reached the age and stage in my life where I could probably afford to buy pre-assembled painted models.  But I'd much rather not have to and
Denis Grey
Nov 13, 2013
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