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[DYNAMITE] March 16th @ Ota Ward Plaza

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  • yaywhosux
    * In back to back events, the opener comprised of another junior heavy mix of veterans and younger fighters that once again put on a very strong and upbeat
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      * In back to back events, the opener comprised of another junior heavy mix of veterans and younger fighters that once again put on a very strong and upbeat showing for the audience. The match went much the same as the first with Eiichi Aihara and Kojiro Kanesaka leading the teams and picked up a bit of steam for their upcoming tag team clash on the 26th... Also like the match on the 14th, Takanori Fujiwara earned another victory, this time escaping Katsuke Shingo's Yokohama Crash finisher and catching him with a waistlock and rolled him back into a cradle for the three count.

      * Dusty Griffith and Masakazu Fujimoto took another step towards their huge clash against each other... Ichiro and Komori also engaged a couple of times in this final heatup for the event on the 26th, both getting the crowd particularly excited when the two began trading chops and lariats with each other... In the end it was Griffith mirroring Fujimoto on the 14th, finishing the match for his team with a powerbomb, countering Endo Hayashi's attempt at using his Water Wheel Drop on the increasingly popular gaijin.

      * Once again Katsumi Gakusha and Eric Dane found themselves engaged in battle, leading teams against each other... This time however, the two clearly combustible veteran fighters steered clear of each other for much of the match, though it was quite clear there was some residual animosity remaining and it manifested itself in Dane's abusing of Gakusha's new youngling, Hideki Sato, taking advantage of the young man... This angered Gakusha and resulted in another, albeit brief, standoff between the two... In the end it was Yujiro Higuchi gaining the win and picking up a little momentum for his match against TWIN-K when he planted Sato with a Chokeslam.

      * Yoshiaki Matsuda put on a bit of demonstration of his power tonight, abusing Shinichi Honda at the end of a rather back and forth battle as the golden trio of Matsuda, Jun Kobayashi and Masafumi Satake took on the former IFS Tag Team Kings, Kazuhiro Okamura and Shino Hiriyama along with Shinichi Honda... In the end it was Matsuda giving what essentially amounted to an exhibition of his prowess, kneeing Honda several times in the body and on the head and face until finally dumping him on his head with his lethal Backdrop Suplex variation... Which would have finished off Honda if not for Okamura interfering, but once Kobayashi and Satake cleared the ring, Matsuda battered Honda with just a few more knees, collapsing Honda to the mat for the easy pinfall.

      * In the main event... Takashi Suzuki entered the contest looking down the barrel of his greatest challenge to date, having to test himself directly against the man that has mentored him for some time now... For Seiji Ebisawa, this was a match for not just any other match and it showed as he looked to test not only the skill of his young pupil, but the strength of his own teaching... Ebisawa started off very quickly, taking control of the match and grinding Suzuki to a halt on the mat, negating his strengths of speed and agility... Ebisawa challenged Suzuki to raise his game as every time Suzuki attempted to break free, Ebisawa would wrestle him back down and force him to engage in an environment that was not as naturally suited to his abilities... For Suzuki's part, he met the challenge successfully enough to finally gain some ground on Ebisawa and get the match back to an even base... Suzuki attempted to turn the pace up and force Ebisawa into a situation that was not his strongest suit anymore and for the most part, Suzuki did well in this regard using his quickness and dexterity to maneuver around Ebisawa with quick attacks... The game of cat and mouse continued with Ebisawa chasing, then catching, and Suzuki eventually finding a way to work his way free again... As the match wore on, Ebisawa began to get a little annoyed with Suzuki's resiliency as his own competitiveness began to really kick in, with Ebisawa starting to up the intensity a few notches and really began to attack Suzuki in earnest... To Suzuki's credit though he continued to fight back with the odds increasingly falling against his favor and managed to hold off Ebisawa for a lot a longer than anyone might have expected, which unsurprisingly gained him much respect from the audience... As the match neared it's conclusion, Suzuki had a sudden burst within when he caught Ebisawa out of nowhere with a spring board moonsault... Suzuki started taking it to Ebisawa, landing an Exploder and trying for a Moonsault, landing on his feet when Ebisawa moved away at nearly the last moment and then catching Ebisawa with running dropkick to his chest as he was rising off the mat!.. Suzuki cried out in excitement, getting a reaction from the crowd as he set Ebisawa up... When Suzuki rushed in however, Ebisawa telegraphed and threw Suzuki with an Exploder!.. Running on what must have been pure adrenaline, Suzuki scrambled getting Ebisawa with a boot to the gut and then an Exploder of his own!.. Once Ebisawa rose back up, Suzuki charged and tried for the FREE SPIRIT FINALE, Ebisawa's own hold!.. But, Ebisawa seemed to be prepared for this and prevented Suzuki from pulling him down to the mat as he held Suzuki's legs and then drove him back into the turnbuckles and then slammed him down to the mat with all of his weight as he fell back on top of Suzuki which forced him to release the hold... Once Ebisawa caught his breath after being choked out briefly, he was clearly not amused when he ripped Suzuki off of the mat and planted him with an Exploder, holding it and driving Suzuki down for extra impact... Ebisawa once again ripped Suzuki off the mat and battered him few times with forearms before hitting the ropes and applying the FREE SPIRIT FINALE, locking the choke and easily pulling Suzuki down... Suzuki came to life almost instantly once he realized his situation, but once he figured out he wasn't going to be able to fight out of it, he quickly submitted...

      AFTER THE BELL... Ebisawa helped his young protoge to his feet and praised his effort tonight and his clear advancement from the first day that he had been taken under Ebisawa's wing... Two left the ring together before a rousing applause from the audience.

      * Eiichi Aihara, Katsuro Yamada, Katsuke Shingo [x] [12:19 via BACK ROLLING CRADLE HOLD] Kojiro Kanesaka, Kenta Arakiki, [o] Takanori Fujiwara [BURNING]
      * Dusty Griffith [o], Yoshiaki Komori, Ken Fujiwara [13:44 via POWERBOMB] Masakazu Fujimoto, Riki Ichiro, [x] Endo Hayashi
      * Katsumi Gakusha, Takeo Koyama, Hideki Sato [x] [11:47 via CHOKESLAM] Eric Dane, [o] Yujiro Higuchi, Shiro Nakamura
      * Yoshiaki Matsuda [o], Jun Kobayashi, Masafumi Satake [12:37 via CLINCHING KNEE STRIKE] Kazuhiro Okamura, Shino Hiriyama, [x] Shinichi Honda
      * Seiji Ebisawa [o] [16:21 via FREE SPIRIT FINALE] [x] Takashi Suzuki

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