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Great Performance of the Bay Area Players at the 2011 Nationals

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  • Bruce H. Liu
    (Benjamin and Nikhil combined gained over 1000 rating points at the Nationals.)  In addition to win many medals, here are some of the significant rating
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2012
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      (Benjamin and Nikhil combined gained over 1000 rating points at the Nationals.)
      In addition to win many medals, here are some of the significant rating gains. 22 out of the 66 players who gained over 100 rating points are from bay area and are all teenagers. In fact, I think most of them are under 15!

      Player NameRating BeforeRating AfterRating Gain
      1Lam, Benjamin8951449554
      2Montiel, Javier379921542
      3Ou, Jasper8761365489
      4Kumar, Nikhil9031381478
      5Guo, Stephanie8021278476
      6Barrett, Dan15391973434
      7Ku, Alexander12161601385
      8Guan, Betty603968365
      9Lin, Katie11841506322
      10Guo, Matthew15501857307
      11Ackerman, Estee9121202290
      12Xie, Tianming16581920262
      13Feghhi, Joseph15991854255
      14Huo, Luvena14731724251
      15Palmore, David12881524236
      16Dawalbhakta, Samiha17591980221
      17Deb, Ishana16221842220
      18Jiang, Diane20022216214
      19Kumar, Shivam12901500210
      20Shen, Kevin18092017208
      21Oak, Anushka15671775208
      22Meeks, Ronald13131520207
      23Hejazi, Alireza19902193203
      24Ackerman, Glenn9341130196
      25Rengarajan, Abhishek14881663175
      26Hicks, Randy9631137174
      27Malek, Casey13201493173
      28Riel, Cole12861458172
      29Zhou, Nancy17031866163
      30Reynard, Kenneth9671130163
      31Sun, Winnie T.9111074163
      32Alguetti, Gal18241982158
      33Pingali, Vidya17611917156
      34Wong, Reynold12071361154
      35Wang, Jessica14151568153
      36Chu, Nathaniel20052153148
      37Moayery, Mohammad17951943148
      38Tran, Theodore23342481147
      39Lin, Bryant21402287147
      40Chiem, Jim16011747146
      41Segrest Jr., James12171362145
      42Martinez, Gustavo16471790143
      43Sun, Kelvin17741914140
      44Brito, Ricardo15651704139
      45Patel, Aashay22292367138
      46Gao, Felix17361874138
      47Wang, Kyle506637131
      48Chodri, Aditi19672095128
      49Tran, Matthew20872212125
      50Chu, Anthony19542077123
      51Cai, Justin14301550120
      52Alguetti, Adar19692084115
      53Mack, Raymond C.20592173114
      54Bragg, Lewis Andrew17001814114
      55Sun, Terence20912203112
      56Wang, Charles20302142112
      57Alguetti, Sharon19332045112
      58Wu, Bryan14901602112
      59Zhang, Jack18351946111
      60Fullen, Dave C.13991510111
      61Cheng, Emmy19872097110
      62Zhang, Angela9451051106
      63Nathanson, Uri Y.18141914100
      64Mannem, Rohan17011801100
      65Shimakawa, Tomoko468568100
      66Weber, Christopher187287100

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