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Re: [BATCH WORLD] Unzip can't find file

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  • Aleksey D. Tetyorko
    Try: @echo off Set SavedIn=C: Dnload QuattroProLegalSystemZenas for %%f in (%SavedIn%ZenasMacros.zip) do pkunzip -e -o %%~fsf C: Cases Zenas Macros *.* for
    Message 1 of 10 , May 17, 2013

      @echo off

      Set SavedIn=C:\Dnload\QuattroProLegalSystemZenas\

      for %%f in (%SavedIn%ZenasMacros.zip) do pkunzip -e -o %%~fsf
      for %%f in (%SavedIn%ZenasMacros.zip) do pkunzip -e -o %%~fsf
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