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RE: [bassfishing] Happy Thanksgiving

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  • Rick Wolfe
    Dang, I ve been as busy as everybody else, I guess. But seems like Lip is in need of some blabbering and I can do that with the best of them. Let s see, last
    Message 1 of 9 , Dec 6, 2002
      Dang, I've been as busy as everybody else, I guess.
      But seems like Lip is in need of some blabbering and I can do that with the best of them.
      Let's see, last fishing trip wasn't for bass, at least not for blacks (was hoping maybe a stray striper might find my bait). Me and a couple buds went on San Francisco Bay in my friends 24' Bayliner. The weather was cloudly, and in the mid 60s, not a breeze on the water, at 9:00am last Saturday.
      Started catching small sharks right away. Using frozen shad that I had brought back from the Delta. Big shad too. Good stuff, firm and meaty. We were having a good old time catching and tossing back the little sharks, hoping the bigger ones would come around, but not really caring as I couldn't for life of me hear the wife, or the kids naggin' me about this or that. :-)
      Got this one bite and thought by the way it was fighting that it must be a stingray, cause they just swim around under the boat and use that wide body to do their fighting. Like trying to reel up a live piece of plywood. Finally the thing comes up to the surface and danged if it ain't a halibut. First one I every caught, and I was tickled pink. The thing is flopping around on the deck and I put my foot on it and the hook pops out of its mouth. My pardner gets his camera so we can get a picture, and I'm getting ready to hold the thing up.
      (Time to pause for a life-lesson. Just cause you know stuff doesn't mean that everyone was born knowing that stuff, too. So if you know something important about a situation, don't assume that your buddy knows it, too.)
      We use this old pair of rawhide gloves that to handle the sharks and I had one on my right hand. I (being the halibut rookie) stuck my thumb in the halibut mouth to prepare to lift him up for the photo shoot. NOT A GOOD IDEA. My halibut-knowledgeable fishing buddies hadn't bothered to share their halibut knowledge. The halibut gently (thank you God) closed his mouth, where upon I discovered what my halibut-knowledgeable buddies hadn't told me. THOSE THINGS HAVE SHARP TEETH. Luckily the halibut wasn't too frisky and I was able to extract my thumb, intact, without damage. Life-lesson learned.
      The thing weighed 6.5 pounds. Not huge but the biggest one I every caught. If my pardner ever sends me the phono I'll send it along.
      - Rick
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      I'm also in the process of making up a care package for the oldest, stationed in Georgia. He went South with a good set of gear for fishing in Maine but has found himself needing other gear for those Georgia bass. Been trying to figure what I could send him that would up his odds.
      Shoot, Son, you already know what to send him to up his odds! Send him yourself! A week or two with Dad working the waters with him! And even if ya' did skunk out, at least you'd have the time spent with him.
      My estrogen levels get too high at this time of year; too much family, food, and to be thankful for. I hope and pray that you all had time with family and friend today. And that you sincerely took the time to enjoy their blessing to your life.
      Like Jim, I too have put the ol' girl to bed for the winter, or at least am currently in the process. Not nearly as many outings this year as in years past, and I sure hope this is not a trend! The trend in "lock-jawed bassers" isn't the most enjoyable either. Shoot people, just because those of us who use to ramble on aren't ramblin' right now, doesn't mean that the rest of ya's couldn't be jackin' your jaws. I too have missed "talkin' with my electronic family". Shoot, I haven't even been able to find the time to talk electronically to flesh and blood family! Little own this red-neck bunch of backwoods bassers. I missed a phone call from "J" last night; Lord only knows what that scallywag had on his mind. I've missed all of you guys.
      Duty calls. Now that family has packed up and moved on "over the river and through the woods", it's time to drag out the CFR's and get back to studyin'. Everyone take good care.
      Lip Ripper, the over-worked angler who.....b wishin' 2b fishin'.
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