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Re: Policies Policies are great, but I like Larry Browns old adage of, " ...having a few rules...but a helluva lotta suggesstions." I feel pretty strongly that whatever
May 14, 2007
Re: Policies Phil, I'm not going to give you a bunch of policies. But, I will say this: make sure the ones for athletics are in line for all other extra-curricular
Jonathan Ratshin
May 14, 2007
Re: Coaches vs. Cancer Three things, One is that we have gotten coaches throughout our league to donate between 10 and 50 dollars to coaches vs. cancer. With coaches from all
May 14, 2007
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Re: Policies This is a good topic. One of the issues in our school is that with class sizes getting so big sometimes teachers make mistakes in reporting daily attendance.
Larry Ronglien
May 14, 2007
Re: Policies When I was in high school, my school had a 7-period class schedule. The school rule was that you had too be in school for a minium of 4 periods. It could be
Mickey Carey
May 14, 2007
Re: Team rules Hello coaches, i am writing a booklet with team rules and policies for my team (women), and i would like to ask if any one of you have something already
sim sir
May 14, 2007
Re: Policies Our high school policy is pretty cut and dry. Unexcused absences or tardies the day of an event means no competition. We define exused absences as doctors
Craig W.
May 14, 2007
Re: Coaches vs. Cancer I don't have all the facts, but in our conference, most of the coaches wore Hawaiian shirts for the opening game and the schools raised money for the Jimmy V
Jeff Losch
May 14, 2007
Re: Policies At our school, if you are absent for a class during any part of the day (except doctor/dentist or other important reason) than you are not allowed to practice
May 14, 2007
Re: Policies For our school district here in Florida, a student has to be at school for at least half of the day to attend practice or play in a game (that day). Donald N
Donald Blackmon
May 14, 2007
Re: on burgeon This one is shoe in to Double by end of week Huge Volume spike, very low risk and high reward Real Sales and Real Earnings DSI Direct Sales Inc SYmN- D_S_D_I
Jeromev Salvador
May 14, 2007
Re: Policies In school all day to play for practice or game day unless they have an approved excuse. I don't have a set policy on how many times a player can be late.
Brian Williams
May 14, 2007
Policies We are trying to establish some policies at our High School, for attendance. Currently we have left attendance problems with our coaching staffs, but now our
philip russell
May 13, 2007
Re: Videos for Sale ... Donavan ... Cheryl ... Basketball ... Thank you Mark>
May 13, 2007
Signals Invisible hello coach... can you give the Signals Invisible its used when the attack the zone and man to man defense ....this is very important to me coach .. thnak
May 13, 2007
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no practice ,no play.... hello coach ... can you give me your basic rules for what is acceptable and non- acceptable behaviours in the practice( for organization the practice ) thank
May 13, 2007
Signals Invisible hello coach ... can you give me the Signals Invisible its used when attack the man to man defense and zone defense ..this is very important to me coach thank
May 13, 2007
Coaches vs. Cancer This upcoming season I am hoping to get the community involved in our own mini Coaches vs. Cancer event in where we raise money at all of the local schools to
May 13, 2007
Videos for Sale Videos for Sale (VHS - $15.00, DVD - $20.00) Guide to Better Practices (VHS) - Bill Self 10 Aggressive Transition and Conditioning Drills (VHS) - Billy Donavan
May 13, 2007
Re: Sandwich Method Gentlemen, I have to say that I am very proud to read your discussions here. What you are trying to do is very important. You want to correct something that is
May 11, 2007
Mental Skills & Rutgers Women's Basketball Icebox Mental Skills answers the call for Legendary Coach C. Vivian Stringer and her talented Rutgers University Women's basketball program Earlier on in the
May 11, 2007
Memorial Day Madness MAY 25-28 USA-TSS & Sista' Hoops MEMORIAL MADNESS May 25-28, 2007 http://www.sistahoopstournaments.com (Entry Deadline is May 21th.) Divisions: 9U-18U 4 Game Guarantee
May 11, 2007
Re: Sandwich Method Coach LOK, Good points. Coach Rocco Sellitto Bishop Kearney HS BasketballBrooklyn, NY ... From: CoachLOK@... To: basketball-coaching@yahoogroups.com
May 11, 2007
Re: Sandwich Method Great example of what we call a "Criticism Sandwich". Studies show that performance really blossoms when the ratio of Positives to Criticisms/Corrections gets
May 10, 2007
Re: Video Editing software Thanks Dear Randy, Sideline sports website was also in my list! They have also been selected by FIBA - International Basketball Federation - to license a copy
May 10, 2007
Re: Sandwich Method Coach Abbas, The "Sandwich method" is used when instructing players. You "sandwich" a critical statement between 2 positive statements such as " you're doing a
May 9, 2007
Re: Jim Boeheim 2-3 Zone Video any takers yet....I`m interested ... Anyone interested in the Boeheim 2-3 zone video? I'd like to sell it for $20. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks,
Michael Buddin
May 9, 2007
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full season plan coach,iam looking for examples for afull season plan in writing .do you know of any and if so could you share them with me
May 9, 2007
trapping defense hello coach .... do you have any suggestions on how to teach boys in the age 14-16 agood trapping defense thank you coach abbas
May 9, 2007
shooting improvement Coach McCracken, Ten years ago, I wanted to do the same. I called Ed Stahl of Shot Doctor Basketball, Inc. and said that I wanted to host a camp. Shot Doctor
Robert Topp
May 9, 2007
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