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Re: [bash-som] Re: Demise of BASH

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  • Chris Shaffer
    Well,it looks like I made the right decision I guess..How come I feel so crappy then(LOL) ... From: jslrroth@comcast.net Subject: Re:
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 7, 2008
      Well,it looks like I made the right decision I guess..How come I feel so crappy then(LOL)

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      Subject: Re: [bash-som] Re: Demise of BASH
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      Date: Friday, November 7, 2008, 9:42 AM

      I also have to say that I am sorry to see this go.  But I have found it hard to juggle this along with family and job (automotive industry) issues.  I don't know if I could have made the full season anyway.  I work for a small engineering firm that supports the auto industry.  In particular, Chrysler, Ford and GM.  My wife works for GM.  The american auto industry is slowly dying and we will go with it.  It is being replaced by the american made foreign name plates that send the money back to their home country.  This is a win - lose for america.  Please consider an american OEM for your next vehicle.  The wife and I have seriously contemplated turning off the cable to save money.  
      I do want to thank everyone for welcoming me in last year and for all the behind the scenes work various people have done.  This thanks goes especially to you, Chris for all you've done.

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      Subject: [bash-som] Re: Demise of BASH

      Chris and all, thanks for asking me back into the league, and for
      welcoming Jess so eagerly. I will miss the games Jess and I played, we
      had fun, it was great sharing our games together.
      That said, I will admit that it was a real strain on us time-wise. I
      knew it was one league too many for me, but I thought I should at
      least try. I had printed out all of our Block 2 instructions and we
      were to play all of our games this weekend, as two of our three kids
      are away for three days.
      With the way life is right now, all of us have real life, the economy
      is now only going to get worse, Christmas is coming, some of us have
      kids, we would've been in a constant state of catching-up, it was
      bound to bog down.
      Its a good league Chris, you did a lot of work keeping it afloat as
      long as you did, for that I salute you. But when its more time-
      consuming than fun, then its not worth it.
      Now would be a bad time to suggest we go Super-Advanced next season,

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