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  • Chris Shaffer
    Nov 3, 2008
      Everyone,I see some things of concern to me..First off,Block 1's deadline was Oct 19..I actually went ahead and pushed it back 1 week to help people out..That gave everyone just about 1 month to play 4 games and in some cases 5..I even went ahead and eliminated posting the box scores to help people out..It's Nov 3 and we've still got stats missing,instructions missing,etc..I keep thinking to myself,are the block dedalines's too short? If they are,I don't have a problem moving them back

      What I do have a problem with is people waiting till the last minute to tell me or people not telling me at all when they're gonna be late..I understand real life gets in the way but all I ask is for an email or something letting me know..I know we had some stats confusion but that's because Rob taking a break due to real life was a little unexpected..I did send a stats spreadsheet for everyone to use for block 1 and John is in the process of creating a new one that should be up for block 2 and looks pretty neat

      If we continue to have this problem with people being late and not letting me know,I'm gonna have to start docking draft picks..We are a laid back league but we're not gonna be so laid back that we're playing games into the late summer..All you have to do is let me know if you're running late,that's all that I ask

      I'm actually gonna push Block 2's deadline back till Nov 26..Basically from this point on,the deadlines are gonna look like this

      1.Block 2-Nov 26
      2.Block 3-Dec 26
      3.Block 4-Jan 26
      4.Block 5-Feb 26
      5.Block 6-Mar 26

      If we can't meet these new deadlines then this league is not gonna survive..If anyone has any questions or concerns,email me privately..I'm in the process of playing Vic's block 1 games to help him out and I'll have an update on Rob L's situation in the next day or so..Please get your stats in to Greg at:greg.weston@.....Block 2 instructions need to get up..If anyone needs a copy of that stats spreadsheet to use for block 1,email me..We'll have a new one ready for block 2 that will be better than the one that I emailed to the yahoogroups site
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