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  • Mystery Frank
    Agent With Style (www.agentwithstyle.com) is taking pre-con orders for MediaWest Con -- Lansing, MI -- deadline is May 18, 2006 Want to make sure you get the
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      Agent With Style (www.agentwithstyle.com) is taking pre-con orders
      for MediaWest Con -- Lansing, MI -- deadline is May 18, 2006

      Want to make sure you get the zines you want?
      Send us a pre-con order!


      * Harry Potter *


      The editors of this zine went out on the web searching for the
      best-crafted, well-plotted gen Harry Potter stories they could find,
      and what they brought back for this zine is amazing! Written by some
      of the best writers in this fandom, these stories span the HP
      universe, set in various times and places, with all your favorite
      characters. Come immerse yourself in the wizarding world of Harry
      Potter and let the magic sweep you away!


      * House *


      Dr. Gregory House is an irreverent, snarky, controversial doctor
      who trusts no one, least of all his patients (he believes they all
      lie). He's devoid of bedside manner and wouldn't even *talk* to his
      patients if he could get away with it. Dealing with his own constant
      physical pain, he uses a cane that seems to punctuate his acerbic,
      brutally honest demeanor. While his behavior can border on
      antisocial, House is a maverick physician whose unconventional
      thinking and flawless instincts have afforded him a great deal of
      respect. An infectious disease specialist, he's a brilliant
      diagnostician who loves the challenges of the medical puzzles he must
      solve in order to save lives. Fellow doctor James Wilson has been
      House's best friend for years, and now their friendship seems to be
      growing, changing into something better, deeper. Crafted with wit
      and flair by Gena Fisher and Neena Varscona, this slash zine contains
      intriguing stories of revenge, danger, personal demons, love -- and


      * Scarecrow and Mrs. King *

      A NEED TO KNOW 1
      A NEED TO KNOW 2

      When divorced housewife Amanda King is inadvertently embroiled
      in a secret mission by a spy codenamed "Scarecrow," she's suddenly
      drawn into working for the International Federal Film company, a
      cover for a secret organization called "The Agency." Amanda's too
      inquistive to leave well enough alone, as she goes from 'just helping
      out' to becoming a full-time spy herself, but she's forbidden to tell
      her two sons and her mother about her new job, so she must keep
      secret all the dangerous missions she's now called upon to perform.
      IFF director Billy Melrose teams her up with Lee Stetson,
      the "Scarecrow" who got her into this mess, and together, they keep
      the world safe from bad guys everywhere. Leading a double life isn't
      made easy by her mother Dotty, who constantly inquires about her
      personal life, most notably about her partner. Sparks fly, and
      tension could turn to passion, whenever Lee and Amanda take on a
      case! From warm and loving, to smart and sassy, the stories in these
      gen zines will pull you into the dangerous world of spies and
      secrecy, and the bickering affection of Scarecrow and Mrs. King!


      * The Sentinel *


      In this gen Sentinel/Pirates of the Caribbean novella, deftly
      written by Susan Foster, a deadly disease is running rampant through
      Port Royal, and Jack Sparrow sets sail on the high seas to find a
      cure. With him go Will Turner, a Sentinel who wants the skittish
      pirate for his Guide, and Thief-Taker Sentinel Jim Ellison and his
      Guide, Blair Sandburg. Piracy is a dangerous business, especially
      when you're trying to convice the world you're on a mercy mission,
      but Jack is sure being a Guide is even more dangerous. Having been
      burned by a Sentinel before, he wants nothing to do with Will, but
      Jim and Blair know that a Sentinel needs a Guide and are determined
      to make this pair come together. Leave it up to snarky Commodore
      Norrington to throw a monkey wrench into everything!


      In this slash saga by J.M. Griffin, with an absolutely stunning
      color cover and interior illos by K9, Blair joins the police academy,
      but quits only days later, suddenly leaving Jim and Cascade behind
      for a new life abroad. Years pass, then one day Jim returns home from
      work to find he has been entrusted with the care of Blair's 6-year-
      old son, Eli, who has shown up on his doorstep unannounced. While
      Blair has gone missing in Africa, Jim must raise Eli, discovering the
      trials and tribulations of parenthood. You'll ache for Jim as he
      sometimes stoically and sometimes emotionally regrets the mistakes he
      and Blair have made that separated them. Come witness the evolution
      of the Major Crime gang and the powerful changes in Jim's life, from
      the return of Blair to Eli announcing when he turns 16, that he has
      found his Sentinel, Nick Luna, and he's in love. This zine is
      amazing in that through Eli and Nick, we get an A/U of what could
      have happened between Jim and Blair at that age, but it's even better
      because we have *our* Jim and Blair together while at the same time
      getting this engaging glimpse into 'what could have been' by seeing
      it actually happen to Eli. The sense of 'this could have been Jim and
      Blair' doesn't distract in any way from Eli's story or character,
      though, and you'll find yourself quite entranced with Eli and Nick's
      evolving relationship as they continue to mature and learn to love
      and live together, while Jim and Blair can only try to keep up!


      * Stargate: Atlantis *


      The Karkarans invaded Atlantis in the middle of the night,
      pulling man and woman alike from their beds and forcing them through
      the Stargate to Karkara, a feudal planet where the slave trade is
      alive and well. Torn from his lovers' arms and sold at auction,
      Rodney knows he'll never see John or Carson again. Enduring
      backbreaking labor and being brutally used as a sexual toy, he's sold
      from master to master, praying that it all just end. Then he's put
      on the auction block one more time, and is bought by a rich Karkaran
      who looks very familiar.... In this fascinating slash novel by
      Xanthe, can Rodney discover a way to heal when he's back with his
      lovers once more? Is there any way to find and rescue the other
      Lanteans who were sold off, and may have yet survived their cruel
      fates? Can life ever be the same again?


      When a routine mission goes horribly wrong, Major John Sheppard
      survives, but now must face an enemy none of his training or
      experience could prepare him for -- himself. Angry, hurt, full of
      guilt, he pushes away everyone who tries to get close. In this
      *thick* epic gen novel written by SGAFan, while his friends struggle
      to help him, John is forced to question everything he's ever stood
      for. Can he find the answers he needs? Can he learn to live with the
      consequence of his choices? And can he become again the man he once

      OCEAN VIEW 1 (aka 1 BDR, OCN VU)
      OCEAN VIEW 2

      Have you outgrown your current domicile and are looking for a
      new place? Well, take a look at this one -- plenty of room and ocean
      views in every directon! Plus more hotties than you can shake a
      stick at! Check out the large lab, where you'll probably find Dr.
      McKay hard at work, or the armory, where John Sheppard is sure to be
      caressing his, er, weapons -- and if you can't find either of them
      there, you'll probably discover they're ensconced in one or the
      other's quarters, participating in, er, shop talk. If you're looking
      for a great place to inhabit, you can't beat Atlantis (walk-through
      by appointment only). And if you're looking for good, solid, well-
      written, slash McShep stories, you can't pass these zines by!


      * Stargate SG-1 *


      In this amazing slash novella by J.M. Griffin, written before
      Daniel's return to the show was announced, this story finds our Jack
      a Daniel of his very own when a sudden collapse at an archeological
      dig unearths a Stargate. Daniel finds not only the proof of his
      theories that he'd actually given up looking for, but an injured man
      named Jack O'Neill, who claims that the Stargate is a portal to other
      worlds -- and that he's from another universe altogether. Daniel
      must return him to his own dimension before he dies of his injuries,
      and Jack insists Daniel come with him. What will Daniel find on the
      other side? Acceptance? A fulfilling life? Love with this
      captivating man who claims to have known him from another time? With
      a love story that proves two people meant to be together can't be
      kept apart, you won't want to miss this zine!

      JACK'S SON

      In this intriguing gen novel written by LRH Balzer, while
      trapped on a hostile planet with his team and left with no choice,
      Jack O'Neill must make a desperate decision to save Daniel Jackson's -
      - but at what terrible cost?


      When Daniel ascended in "Meridian," a huge outcry went up in
      Stargate fandom. How could they essentially kill off one of the most
      popular characters on the show? Well, what if it never happened?
      What if a *lot* of canon things never happened? What if a group of
      fans decided to write a collection of 'fix-it' stories in which
      Daniel doesn't ascend, Janet doesn't die, Sam gets a second chance to
      make a first impression, Jack resolves some issues surrrounding his
      son Charlie's death, and more? That zine is here! Don't miss these
      mostly slash stories (3 of the 23 tales are gen) -- you'll be amazed
      at the fannish ingenuity of these authors. Was it all a virtual
      reality game? Is Daniel really back or is it just a dream? Don't
      miss this zine!


      * Starsky and Hutch *


      With a gorgeous cover by Lorraine Brevig, this collection of
      slash stories will pull you in and let you experience the love and
      joy Starsky and Hutch have for each other as they survive the
      dangerous streets of Bay City. Full of intrigue, tears, laughter and
      love, this is one zine you won't want to miss!

      Agent With Style (www.agentwithstyle.com) is taking pre-con orders
      for MediaWest Con -- Lansing, MI -- deadline is May 18, 2006

      Want to make sure you get the zines you want?
      Send us a pre-con order!

      Dozens of fandoms. Thousands of zines.
      Check us out! www.agentwithstyle.com
    • Mystery Frank
      Agent With Style will be at BASCon in San Francisco, CA this next weekend, and at Eclecticon in Newark, NJ the weekend after. Come say hello! AGENT WITH STYLE
      Message 2 of 7 , Oct 28, 2006
        Agent With Style will be at BASCon in San Francisco, CA this next
        weekend, and at Eclecticon in Newark, NJ the weekend after. Come say


        The following zines have been added to our webpage:


        * Multimedia *

        CHINOOK 4
        CHINOOK 5
        CHINOOK 6

        Just like the warm, invigorating winds that drive away the
        bitter cold of winter for which these zines were named, come immerse
        yourself in warm and wonderful stories that run the gamut from
        dramatic to funny and back again. From "Lord of the Rings" to "The
        Sentinel" to "Supernatural," and more, they'll drive away your blues
        and make you happy to have picked up these gen zines!


        From light to dark, silly to dramatic, the pairings that make up
        these beautiful mosaics will entrance and enthrall you in a collage
        of wonderfully slashy stories!


        * Real Ghostbusters *


        In this amazing gen novella, written by Sheila Paulson, with a
        lovely cover by Cat's Meow Creative Arts, when rock star Eddie
        Plummer receives a mysterious medallion from an anonymous fan, he
        doesn't dream it's the start of an attempt to hold his music for
        ransom. Summoned to the hideout of a mysterious entity, Eddie is
        trapped. Can his cousin Egon Spengler and the rest of the
        Ghostbusters come to his rescue? Can he escape the dark compulsion
        that controls his actions? With danger coming from several sources,
        the Ghostbusters must stop an entity so powerful the throwers may not
        be able to contain it.


        * The Sentinel *

        CHINOOK 3

        In an all-Sentinel issue of this multimedia zine, Blair tests
        Jim's limits; Blay lays down the law; a bad day just keeps getting
        better; Chancellor Edwards escapes; an innocent man gets framed for
        murder;dark forces play havoc with the Sentinel and Guide; Sam
        Beckett takes the opportunity to re-write history; Equeri comes to
        the rescue; and Jim learns how to take measure of a Guide. From
        sweet to dramatic, this zine has it all!


        This *huge,* 300+ paged gen novel, written by the talented
        Yvonne S. McCool, is a truly *original* A/U and a joy to read. In the
        far distant future, police officers have neural chips that try to
        replicate Sentinel senses. Lt. Ellison's chip has, unfortunately,
        broken down. Luckily for him, the brilliant Dr. Sandburg knows
        exactly what's going on and why there's nothing really wrong with
        Jim. Of course, he's going to need to stick around to keep track of
        his patient.... An interesting premise, fascinating cases, a cool
        twist on genetic engineering, and the absolutely most memorable
        portrayal of Blair ever, bar none. This is one zine you *don't* want
        to miss!


        * Stargate: Atlantis *


        Atlantis, the city of the Ancients, lost for more than 10
        millennia and now once again found and the gate is open. In this
        enthralling gen zine, you'll find stories where you can explore a
        gate opening to thousands of different worlds and peoples in the
        Pegasus galaxy. A new enemy and new friends. And stories where
        McKay saves Sheppard by going against Elizabeth's direct orders,
        seeking help from an old acquaintance; Sheppard picks a new member of
        his team; McKay learns to face the loss of a team member, and much


        * Star Trek (TOS) *

        LEGENDS 4

        Kirk and Spock work hard and play even harder, even if it's
        sweet and romantic. That's how they became...legends. Don't miss
        the newest zine in this series, chock full of hot, steamy stories
        that will melt your heart!


        With laughter, and just a sprinkling of tears, Kirk and Spock
        show just how much a Human and Vulcan can complement one another.
        Come experience the warmth and enveloping love that resonate from
        these stories by some of the best authors in this fandom!


        * Star Wars *


        Chockful of funny, romantic stories that will hold you
        spellbound to the very end, this zine contain tales in which after
        the Deathstar battle, Han and Leia have to figure a few things out
        about attraction, friendship, grief, celebration, love and the
        makings of a really great mint-ale flash; as the Hoth base prepares
        to evacuate, tensions run high between smugger and princess. Can Han
        find the right way to tell Leia that he must leave?; Han is severely
        injured when the Falcon crash lands and he and Leia are stranded,
        where they struggle with their developing love; and while on an
        undercover mission, Han and Leia must behave as a married couple --
        will these two explosive personalities survive this? And more!


        * Supernatural *


        In this intriguing novella, written by J.M. Griffin, having Sam
        back in his life changes everything for Dean, but it isn't long
        before he finds himself falling back into some of his old ways. Full
        of brotherly byplay, this novella explores the connection between
        Dean and Sam, as well as the deepest desires of Dean Winchester.
        Dean meets and falls for a man named James, but Sam is suspicious.
        What does James want -- really? Is his brother safe with this
        mysterious man? This novella is Dean/Original Character; there is
        *no* Wincest. But can brotherly love save Sam when he steps between
        Dean and the man of his dreams?


        Sam Winchester is a college student bound for law school,
        determined to escape his family's past -- unlike his older brother,
        Dean. Ever since they were little, their father has been consumed
        with an obsession to find the evil forces that murdered his beloved
        wife, and recruited his two young sons to help him. They have grown
        up as hunters of the supernatural. Sam escaped this way of life after
        high school, and had a happy life with his girlfriend, Jessica, and a
        promising future career, while Dean stayed behind with his father to
        join him in his "hunting". But when their father goes missing, Sam
        must join his brother to help find him. Sam's one weekend trip to
        search for the missing John Winchester becomes an ongoing quest after
        a horrible tragedy ruins any thought of a happy life for Sam. The two
        brothers, bound by tragedy and blood to their mission, now travel
        across the country, encountering terrifying and dangerous forces most
        believe to be nothing but superstition and folklore, searching for
        and occasionally meeting up with their father, as they determinedly
        search for the evil that has had such a devestating impact on their
        lives. In these fascinating gen zines, from the amazing minds of K.
        Hanna Korossy, Brate, Swellison, J.M. Griffin, JJJunky and many
        others come wicked tales of laughter and tears, danger and brief
        moments of safety in the lives of the Winchester brothers. Come join
        Sam and Dean for a wild, wild ride!

      • Agent With Style
        Agent With Style * www.agentwithstyle.com. * The following zines have been added to our website today: _____________________________________________ * Kung Fu:
        Message 3 of 7 , Jan 31, 2010
          Agent With Style
          * www.agentwithstyle.com. *

          The following zines have been added to our website today:


          * Kung Fu: The Legend Continues *


          Between Caine's Shaolin logic and Peter's Zen-with-a-twist, there are
          many paths to get to the true enlightenment of a great tale, and with
          amazing guides such as Diane Brischke, Karen Judson, Sandra Batchford, Lisa
          Lovewell and many more, you'll be drawn into the gentle humor and love these
          characters have for one another. Come join Blaisdell, Kermit and all the
          others at the 101st as they deal with a very different -- but very unique!
          -- father and son in these fantastic gen zines!


          * Man from U.N.C.L.E. *

          WORLDS ENOUGH 4

          In this thick digest-sized slash zine, you will discover intriguing
          tales such as:

          "Matters of Importance" by jesse
          Illya's voice broke, and that was more than Napoleon could take.

          "The Rumor of Rain" by ChannelD
          His friendship with Illya would be ended and Illya would be alone
          again, as he had been before. As he had always been.

          "Put a Spell on You" by Zach Nitzyekov
          Their assignment in New Orleans had been nearly the death of them;
          they both still had sore muscles and bruises.

          "Fallen" by jesse
          Napoleon's score on this affair was nearly as bad as Illya's: blown up
          and concussed, kidnapped, blown up again and nearly drowned.

          "Love Sought" by Spikesgirl
          Ironically, his last thought was to wonder how long it would take to
          get his blood out of the upholstery of the seats.


          * NCIS *

          TWO MASTERS

          In this *thick* and captivating slash novel by Xanthe, with a
          outstanding color cover by Bluespirit, Tony decides that he wants more from
          Gibbs than headslaps. But can Gibbs be persuaded to love again, and is Tony
          prepared to confront the demons from his past and learn how to trust?

          "You can belong to me, or to the past - but not both. You can't serve two

          Warning - contains scenese of loving, consensual lifestyle BDSM sex.


          * The Professionals *


          Prepare yourself for the machinations of triple-think as you explore
          this novel by Tiger Tyger, centering on Bodie and his tragically complicated
          life. Besides the turmoil of pretending to be George Cowley's lover in a
          situation where pretense won't do, Bodie actually finds himself falling in
          love with his boss. More difficult still, Bodie must continue to deal with
          a curious and questioning Ray Doyle, protect his birth family from powerful
          enemies... all while keeping his true identity safe from the powers that be
          and maintaining his own sanity. All in a day's work for CI5's tall, dark
          and oh, so handsome agent.


          * The Sentinel *


          With stories from accomplished authors such as Legion, D.C. Black,
          MegaRouge, J.H. Hindman, Wendy Myers and many more, these slash stories will
          show you the very essence of what it means to be a Sentinel -- and what it
          means to have a Guide. And when those two things come together in laughter,
          tears and passionate love, come explore the lives of a cop and an academic
          who are so very much more than the sum of their parts!


          * Stargate SG-1 *

          DHD 1
          DHD 4
          DHD 5.5
          DHD 6

          These multi-storied slash zines contain stories by wonderful authors, such

          "Doctor and Colonel Smith" by Glow
          After maintaining a sensual yet stormy relationship for three years,
          Jack and Daniel suddenly find themselves in the running for most complicated
          patients in couples' therapy. What brought them there? Glow does a
          remarkable job of teasing out the mitigating factors while reminding us why
          these two disparate men wound up together in the first place. The necessity
          of hiding their SGC identities while at the same time trying to learn to
          communicate honestly makes therapy a complex endeavor indeed. This story is
          witty, emotional, cathartic and sensual at the same time. You'll want to
          have a seat on the couch right alongside them as Jack and Daniel explore
          their innermost selves.

          "Communion" by Tiger Tyger
          Colonel Jack O'Neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson return through the
          Stargate from their mission to P3X-259 changed men. Will these changes
          prove to be for the better or will the struggle to adapt to what has
          happened between them destroy their lives? Tiger Tyger weaves an intricate
          tale of denial and acceptance as Jack and Daniel are confronted with their
          most hidden desires. Rich characterization, crisp dialog, searing emotion
          and heated passion highlight this enthralling story that will have you
          turning each page with baited breath.

          "Break a Leg" by Kath Moonshine
          Recouping from the injuries he sustained during the "Solitudes"
          episode, Jack O'Neill is hurting, grumpy and in no mood for a forced
          furlough on Christmas Eve. To make matters worse, the lone volunteer for
          the position of caretaker to the cantankerous colonel is a certain sexy
          archeologist whose close proximity may well land Jack on Santa's 'Naughty'
          list. The emotions of the holiday combined with the intimate confines of a
          shared living space give Jack plenty to fret about. Kath Moonshine
          delineates O'Neill's struggle with his tortured heart and less than
          professional attraction to Daniel. This story is wittily told in both Jack
          and Daniel's own words, riveting the reader from the first paragraph to the
          final 'click' of the colonel's recording device. Humor, passion and
          heart-tugging emotion abound in this well-crafted tale that you won't want
          to miss.

          DHD 6.5

          Literally working their way through both fire and ice, Jack and
          Daniel have finally played their cards right and they are firmly together in
          this established-relationship novel by Kath Moonshine, with a gorgeous color
          cover by Suzan Lovett. But happily-ever-afters are not the norm for guys
          who leap into wormholes to fight intergalactic space-snakes, as we see when
          Jack, Daniel, and the rest of SG-1 travel to Nirvana, a planet that belies
          its tranquil name when it presents Jack with a difficult and complex sexual
          situation. Will Jack lose Daniel to the call of the Sacred Chamber-or even
          worse, to someone younger and a hell of a lot easier to get along with?


          * Supernatural *


          This zine series gathers the best Supernatural stories to be found on the
          net, and issue 1 was a collection of tales by K. Hanna Korossy. When this
          wonderful writer continued to spin intriguing tales, the editors had no
          choice but to put the new stories together in a supplemental issue so you
          could read them all in the same place. The creativity of these stories will
          hold you spellbound to the very last page!

          Agent With Style
          * www.agentwithstyle.com. *

          Dozens of fandoms. Thousands of zines.
          Check us out!

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        • Agent With Style
          Our next con is Tribal Forces in Philadelphia – deadline for pre-con orders 11:59 pm ET on April 13, 2010. Then we have MediaWest in Lansing, MI – deadline
          Message 4 of 7 , Apr 13, 2010
            Our next con is Tribal Forces in Philadelphia – deadline for pre-con orders
            11:59 pm ET on April 13, 2010.

            Then we have MediaWest in Lansing, MI – deadline for pre-con orders 11:59 pm
            ET on May 22, 2010.

            We'd be delighted if you friended us on Facebook -

            -- and followed us on Twitter - www.twitter.com/agentwithstyle - to get the
            latest zine listings!

            AGENT WITH STYLE
            * www.agentwithstyle.com *

            Here are the newest zines added to our website, with many more to follow:


            * Lord of the Rings *



            What if a third race of elves existed, and their unique feature was the
            ability of the males to bear children? What if Celebrian could not bear
            Elrond's children, and the only hope for the future of the Elves in Middle
            Earth was one of these unique males, Legolas? In this intriguing novel,
            with a beautiful color cover by Shar, Ravenschild answers all these
            questions and more. Not to be missed!


            * NCIS *


            IN TOO DEEP

            With two novels that were so *thick,* we had to split the over-600
            pages of this zine into *three* volumes, Hawk draws you into an amazing,
            deftly-written slash universe. Beginning with "Keeper," in a world where
            slavery has become the norm, Tony DiNozzo is a young man with the world at
            his feet, until fate and family step in and turn his life upside down. With
            his father determined to rule his life and either mold Tony into the perfect
            son -- or destroy him entirely -- is it possible for Tony to find love with
            Leroy Jethro Gibbs, the mysterious man who is now his Master?

            And continuing in "Time Heals All Wounds," recovering from scars both
            physical and psychological, Tony DiNozzo sets out on a voyage of
            rediscovery. Along the way, he falls in love again. When he finds himself
            back where it all began, will he have to choose between the man he once
            called Master and his new lover? With eyecatching color covers and
            beautiful interior art by Annie, this is one zine (in three parts!) you
            won't want to miss! (Sold only as a set and not individually.)


            * The Professionals *


            SECRET AGENT MEN 13

            From undercover ops to under-the-covers, Bodie and Doyle are the best
            at what they do. Whether it's a serious case or laughing, playful loving,
            these two secret agent men get the job done! In this issue, there are three
            great tales:

            "Time Passages" by LilyK

            After suffering from an injury, Bodie never thought he'd see Doyle

            "Where Does Love Go?" by LBC

            After Doyle is badly hurt, Bodie has to come to some truths.

            "Solitary Wolf" by April Hackett

            In this Pros/X-Files crossover, an unknown assassin causes problems and
            brings surprises to Bodie.


            * The Sentinel *


            THE SENSUAL WORLD 6

            Full of hot, sizzling stories that will draw you into a world you'll
            never want to leave, these zines will make you believe in the power of the
            senses to leave one weak with passion and delirious with love. Could
            rock-hard Jim possibly be this passionate with his lover? Come find out!
            In this issue, you'll find enthralling stories by amazing authors such as
            Starr Copeland, L.A. Adolf, Patt, Jade Bryce, Raine Wynd, Natalie L.,
            Kaelana, Alex McLeod, Kayjay and Theresa Kyle.


            * Stargate SG-1 *


            JAYEM 3 – WALLS FALL DOWN

            Reveling in the unity of the team of SG-1, and especially the close
            brotherhood of Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson, JayEm delights in exploring
            what makes up each character and why they do what they do. Come along for
            the ride! In this issue, you find such engaging tales as:

            "Day After Day" -- Daniel's friends comfort him in the aftermath of a huge

            "Day's End" -- A sequel to "Day After Day," and the outgrowth of feelings
            from that tale.

            "Walls" -- What happens when emotional walls and barriers are stripped away,
            leaving just the true self?

            "Windows and Walls" -- In the sequel to "Walls," this tale includes more of
            the team while still highlighting the remarkable connection between Jack and


            * Starsky and Hutch *


            A LOVE STORY 5

            The title of this great S/H zine is taken from a quote by David Soul,
            who said that Starsky and Hutch was "a love story about two men who happen
            to be cops." With a gorgeous color cover by Enednoviel, and filled with
            gripping drama and sweet love, this issue contains:

            "Down with the Ship" by Sparkle731

            An educated young man from a wealthy family meets a cocky street
            hustler on board the Titanic.

            "Call It Instinct" by Bast

            Can first time meetings happen twice?

            "When the Time is Right" by Monika

            Nightmares aren't the only thing Starsky has to contend with after
            Gunther -- his fiancée is another. Her feelings about his partnership with
            Hutch are changing everything.

            AGENT WITH STYLE
            * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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          • Agent With Style
            Our next con is MediaWest*Con in Lansing, MI, on May 25-28, 2011. The deadline for pre-con orders is 11:59 pm on May 17, 2011. Send your orders in now and
            Message 5 of 7 , Apr 29, 2012
              Our next con is MediaWest*Con in Lansing, MI, on May 25-28, 2011. The
              deadline for pre-con orders is 11:59 pm on May 17, 2011.

              Send your orders in now and add to them as we add new zines! We hope to see
              everyone at the con!

              AGENT WITH STYLE
              * www.agentwithstyle.com *


              * NCIS *

              GEAR UP 2

              Whether it's a dead Marine floating in the ocean or a missing
              midshipman who disappeared from a crowded bar, if NCIS catches the case and
              Gibbs gets assigned, he'll round up his team with a quiet, firm, "Gear up!"
              and head out to solve the mystery. From some of the best authors in this
              fandom, this gen zine contain tales focused on the team of Gibbs, DiNozzo,
              David and McGee, with strong showings of Abby, Ducky and Palmer. This is a
              must-read zine!

              "The Tat" by Loretta Greco -- When Gibbs accompanies Abby to get her new
              tattoo, nothing goes as planned.

              "Lullaby" by Devra -- Gibbs knows just the way to take care of a sick Tony.

              "Faded Memories" by Loretta Greco -- Ducky knew the day would come when his
              mother would leave him, but he was ill-prepared for the loss. The NCIS team
              help Ducky through his grief.

              "Watchdog" by Loretta Greco -- Ziva's being watched and turns to the one man
              she can trust.

              "The Volunteer" by Kristi Nelson -- Tim gets volunteered -- Gibbs-style.

              "N.C.I.S.G.T." by Scousemuzik -- Abby and Tony try to get to the bottom of
              some strange happenings.

              "Food for Thought" by Lyn -- McGee decides that it's time to take stock of
              himself, if he wants to keep up with the rest of the team.

              "A Tale from Another Life" by Kristi Nelson -- When an autopsy reminds Ducky
              of something from his past, Jimmy hears an incredible story of guns, mystery
              and mayhem. Could Dr. Mallard really be U.N.C.L.E.'s legendary Illya

              "Bringer of Death" by Loretta Greco -- A tag for the episode, "Broken Bird."
              Jordan's there when Ducky needs her.

              "Road Trip" by Rose Malmaison -- Tony's father arranges for a man named
              Gibbs to watch out for his college-aged son in 1991.


              * Star Trek (TOS) *

              LEGENDS 7

              Kirk and Spock work hard and play even harder in these slash
              tales, even if it's sweet and romantic. That's how they became...legends.

              "Approval" by T'Racionn -- Spock muses on what Surak would have thought of
              James Kirk.

              "Mind Games" by Mary Kay -- Random, racy thoughts about Jim's bondmate are
              causing that bondmate to have very particular -- and embarrassing --
              reactions. No one is amused... except McCoy.

              "Komak's Trap" by K.T. Torry -- Unfounded suspicions on Komak's part about
              the true relationship between Kirk and Spock have Captain Kirk in an uproar,
              suspicions which Kirk would rather have as fact than dream.

              "Food for Thought" by Khiori -- Making the observation that when grown men
              share as much food as Kirk and Spock do, something other than friendship
              must be up, Commodore Wesley narrows in to try to prove his theory.

              "Crying How Bright" by Eimeo -- Even facing retirement, Kirk reflects on how
              he and Spock are still the same men they always were.

              "Sweet Dreams" by Deborah -- Kirk is having some rather disturbing dreams
              about his first officer.

              "Eagle in Flight" by Mary Kay -- A young Kirk and Spock vacation at Kirk's
              childhood home, not wishing to share their new relationship with anyone just
              yet. But a mother always knows when her son's in love.

              "Yes, Yes, and also, Yes" by T.K. Torry -- Could Kirk's insomnia be caused
              by his unresolved feelings for his best friend?

              "Like Lightning" by Dovya Blacque -- The death of Kirk's mother sends him
              into a tailspin, and he finds himself grieving more than he ever expected
              to. Then along comes a strange discovery in an empty part of space that
              really makes Kirk start thinking.

              "Footloose" by Denis Dion and Medicated Maniac -- A simple leg cramp for
              Kirk turns into something else completely for Spock.

              "Beginnings" by CatalenaMara -- This story takes place in a universe
              proposed by Harve Bennett about Kirk and Spock during their Academy years,
              and deals with racial bullying from upper classmen, Kirk's relationship with
              Janice Lester and an unexpected friendship.


              * Find Us on the Web *

              We'd be delighted if you Liked us on Facebook --

              -- and followed us on Twitter -- www.twitter.com/agentwithstyle -- to get
              the latest zine listings!


              * Stargate: Atlantis *

              UNDERCURRENTS 2

              Just as undercurrents can be slow-moving or fast and sudden, the
              often-hidden feelings that run between Rodney and John run the gamut between
              sweet and shy, and hot and steamy in these slash tales from some of the best
              Atlantis writers in the fandom!

              "Celebration of Life" by Orithain and Rina -- How "The Last Man" and "Search
              and Rescue" should have ended.

              "Never My Love" by Moon Star -- After "Trinity," Rodney fears he's lost John

              "Jackpot" by Orithain and Rina -- A follow-up to the episode "Vegas."
              Detective Sheppard survived his encounter with the Wraith. What happened
              next? A novella.


              * Stargate SG-1 *

              THE KEY TO INFINITY

              In this "shipper" novel by Jan Kent, Daniel Jackson is acting
              strange (what's new, eh?) and it takes the combined efforts of Jack, Sam,
              Teal'c and Vala to save him from the devastating future Adria has in mind
              for their intrepid archeologist. This story is very focused on Daniel and
              Vala and a growing relationship between them as well as the longtime
              friendship between Jack and Daniel. The SG-1 team throughout the story
              consists of Daniel, Jack, Vala, Sam and Teal'c with Mitchell away on a
              special assignment.


              * Supernatural *

              FALLEN 2

              This zine is chock-full of stories devoted to the relationship
              between Dean and Castiel. When a human Hunter and an Angel get together, is
              it fireworks and wisecracks or quiet glory and love -- or both? Come find

              "Hot Wings" by Quale -- It's hot outside and getting hotter. Dean, Castiel,
              and a nice, cool pond...

              "Then Shall He Reward Everyone According to His Works" by Orithain and Rina
              -- An A/U novella that begins shortly after Castiel's first appearance on
              the show. Dean and Castiel grow closer while Dean and Sam try to deal with
              the taint of the demon blood in him.

              "Impala Conversations" by Quale -- Dean tries to come to terms with all the
              changes in his life.

              AGENT WITH STYLE
              * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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