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Happy 6th Anniversary, SPA!

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  • Ian Shires
    Hello out there in comicdom! It s been a long while since I went out and about to other groups and forums to let people know what s going on in the SPA. It s
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 14, 2005
      Hello out there in comicdom! It's been a long while since I
      went out and about to other groups and forums to let people know
      what's going on in the SPA. It's been a rough year for us, but we're
      pulling through. I had an operation on my foot which had it up in
      the air for months, and we've been doing a ton of website redesign
      work in this downtime period as well. But the SPA is back on the
      Upswing, with so much new stuff, I'm not even going to try to list
      it all. Doesn't matter, not why I'm here.
      It's now the SPA's 6th anniversary – and we'd like to renew
      the call out we made 6 years ago. If you are a writer, artist,
      publisher, musician, filmmaker or animator, or a fan of the indy
      scene, then we're looking for help in building MORE new tools for
      use in making the indy scene everything it can be. In our 6 years of
      going at it, we have built a printing service, an online
      distribution system (complete with print catalog for retailers), an
      annual contest (Small Press Idol), and more. But there are numerous
      things that the SPA would like to be working on that we simply need
      more hands actively pursuing with us. Things like our How To
      section, sorely in need of articles, Things like our Hall Of Fame
      idea, which, well, we don't even know WHAT we need to get THAT where
      we'd like to see it, but hey, we think big. Things like our Teaching
      Materials program, sorely in need of people in charge of it to bring
      a concerted effort.
      There are, out there, a thousand different efforts being
      made to make a better comicdom in this internet age. Why is the SPA
      different? Simple dedication. No amount of nay saying or negativity
      can convince an SPA member that we can't change the world, if we
      work collectively, and WITH other websites, to make things better.
      So we hope that this post will at least spark some talk wherever you
      may have found it posted. I will be doing my best to follow up on it.
      If you're interested in just a sample of what we're talking
      about in the SPA right now, check this out:
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