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FREE SWAG: Die Warzau, Collide, The Evolutionaries, and more!

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    SickAmongthePure.com gives you free swag! Select readers (who send us feedback in October) can win MUSIC SWAG, like CDs from Die Warzau, Collide, The
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      SickAmongthePure.com gives you free swag!

      Select readers (who send us feedback in October) can win MUSIC SWAG,
      like CDs from Die Warzau, Collide, The Evolutionaries, and more!

      SATP - http://www.sickamongthepure.com

      OCT 2004 - NEW ISSUE POSTED!

      (Please, PASS the NEWS!)



      The month of October, 2004 marks an advance in how much content
      SickAmongthePure.com now (and in the future) provides for our readers.

      Avid readers of SickAmongthePure.com will notice these advances and
      various changes in available content and may ask, "Why? Why all these

      Changes in content may come with any "changing of the guard." Blame it
      on me, Jett Black, if you wish; I've always been that guy who rocks
      the boat. Music is my passion. All things music may peak my interests.
      My passion knows no bounds. Thus, advances in content reflect my
      insatiable desire for more music content. I hope that the desires of
      our readers also include a thirst for more music-related content here
      at SickAmongthePure.com. Most people prefer to have a firm idea of
      what to expect from any publication. We plan to satisfy that desire as

      What can you expect from SickAmongthePure.com?

      Current and future issues of SickAmongthePure.com will include (and
      not be limited to) the following:

      * Music Interviews: DJs, radio station directors, label
      representatives, magazine/e-zine editors, musicians, live music event
      promoters, et cetera.

      * Music Reviews: Expect more music reviews reflective of both
      independent and signed music artists.

      * Music Scene Reports: Live music event reviews, music venue reports,
      regional music genre reports, et cetera.

      * Music Technology: We will find compelling developments in music
      technology. We welcome your SUBMISSIONS!

      Please SUBMIT detailed outlines explicating your article ideas. We
      also welcome completed article SUBMISSIONS! All SUBMISSIONS must be
      e-mailed as a Microsoft Word attachment to: editor@...

      Please visit our SUBMIT page for detailed guidelines.

      Other articles:

      Fiction, political commentaries, and bouts of random insanity will
      also be considered for monthly publication within future issues of
      SickAmongthePure.com based on perceived article strength and interest
      of our readers.

      Look around this very issue; you will find some things have changed.
      Some types of sub-feature articles will no longer be published. Some
      types of sub-feature articles will occasionally be published. The
      governing rule of thumb will be that Music Articles reign supreme over
      all else. Occasionally, we may find an article (unrelated to music in
      any way) so compelling that we simply must share it with our readers.
      We expect to provide at least one alternative-to-music article every
      month. Most likely, we will provide two or more such articles based on
      SUBMISSIONS received.

      This month at SickAmongthePure.com...

      October 2004 brings out the best opportunities for LIVE and recorded
      music treasures. This month, we bring to you Collide, Die Warzau, and
      The Evolutionaries. Each has both a new album to offer and new
      performances which, prior to actual occurrences, are already legendary
      and surrounded with more anticipation than words alone can illustrate.
      We hope that each reader will consume each music interview with as
      much fascination, interest, and admiration as we already hold in great
      abundance for each artist.

      Music Label Spotlight: Latex Records

      Latex Records provides insight, commentary, and supportive
      collaborations for independent musicians and new music enthusiasts. We
      plan on turning this spotlight upon a new music label each month.
      Every music label begins and ends with a certain devotion to musicians
      and new music enthusiasts. We hope that you will devote attention to
      each Music Label Spotlight (only at SickAmongthePure.com) and therein
      find new music CD treasures to collect and share with your friends,
      family, and amicable strangers.

      Music Technology: Zodiac Reveals... the threat of Senator Orrin Hatch!

      Zodiac joins us for the very first time this month! We hope that
      Zodiac will find time and interest to continue submitting more juicy
      reports like this one! This month, Zodiac digs up compelling dirt upon
      exactly how Senator Orrin Hatch plans to make music file sharing
      technology (including CD burners) a new crime in the United States.
      Everyone (including you, your best friend, your veterinarian, and that
      guy who bags your groceries) should read carefully the important
      information Zodiac reveals only at SickAmongthePure.com!

      Sick of poetry?

      At the moment, yes. While poetry brings something special (and often
      therapeutic) to those who write and read it (only a small collective
      of our readership, unfortunately), Phraseologia has never attracted a
      significant following at SickAmongthePure.com. To demonstrate this
      point, a few of the SickAmongthePure.com staff have decided to share
      with our readers some rather pointless poetry. This will be the 'last
      hurrah' for poetry at SickAmongthePure.com! Enjoy it? Hate it? Please
      send us your feedback. We will enjoy reading your thoughts much more
      than we enjoyed reading such bloody awful poetry.

      Other stuff...

      Yes, much more than what I have already described now awaits your
      perusal this month at SickAmongthePure.com! So, why waste any more
      time reading my personal rants? "To The Masses," indeed! Who cares? Go
      explore the plethora of exciting new content now posted here inside
      the many new pages of SickAmongthePure.com!

      And again, please take a moment to send us any detailed feedback that
      comes to mind. Several select readers who write in and send us
      feedback in October will receive SickAmongthePure.com prize packs,
      including swag from Die Warzau, Collide, The Evolutionaries, and more!

      (Please *remember* to include a complete mailing address within your
      emailed feedback).


      Jett Black


      ยป Let OUR STAFF know what you think :: Please send us your feedback.
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