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Small Press Idol - on fire!

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  • Ian@dimestoreproductions.com
    We ve had a few people asking about the issue of Creators Rights as it pertains to the Small Press Idol competition we are running, so we want to make it clear
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2004
      We've had a few people asking about the issue of Creators
      Rights as it pertains to the Small Press Idol competition we are
      running, so we want to make it clear to everyone where we stand. The
      overall response and excitement level about this competion has been
      overwhelming already, and we thank everyone who has taken the time
      to look at the competition information that is here:
      This is the information that we added to the page today (as
      well as a couple cool logos submitted by one of our judges):
      Creators Rights
      The issue of creators rights is very important to us, so we want to
      make it clear as to what rights to images and characters are
      involved in this competition and how Dimestore has always dealt with
      creators rights.
      1. For each image submitted, you are giving Dimestore the North
      American First Printing Rights for that image. All reprint rights
      and further use of the image is solely returned to the originator of
      the image. This means, for each round, where we say the image will
      appear is the only place the image will appear in print from
      Dimestore without your express permission.
      2. All rights to characters and concepts will remain solely the
      creators in question. Please make sure that there is a copyright
      notice: "Characters and concepts (c) 2004 Creators Name" on each
      image submitted. Each publication Dimestore prints that has artwork
      from anyone, contains a copyright notice that reads "Entire Contents
      (c) Dimestore Productions and all artists whose work appears herein
      as noted. All Rights reserved, reverting back to individual writers
      and artists upon publication."
      3. Dimestore has a long-standing history of helping establish
      company names and characters. We have been in operation for 18
      years, and have an extensive database of who did what when, and are
      always willing to lend our knowledge to disputes of ownership, and
      often point out to new publishers if their company name or title
      already exists. If you are new to copyright and trademark law,
      please see our How To section for information. Dimestore highly
      supports creators rights to the control and ownership of their
      creations, and highly advises your protecting those rights.
      So we hope that makes everything clear in that area, for anyone out
      there that was apprehensive about the issue. We hope you'll stop in
      at: http://www.dimestoreproductions.com/SPA/Idol/index.asp and read
      the rest of the guidelines and set-up for the contest, and let's
      make this a truly powerful event, that helps the Small Press/
      Independent market grow into it's own.
      Ian Shires
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