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VOX SQUAD : crosspost OCTOBER 2003

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  • Jane Louise
    VOX SQUAD : OCTOBER 2003 ....vox squad broadcast begins... greetings zine junky!!! here s the rundown for October * BELLADONNA DIY FEST 2003 * NEW ZINES ...BUT
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 9, 2003
      VOX SQUAD : OCTOBER 2003
      ....vox squad broadcast begins...

      greetings zine junky!!!

      here's the rundown for October

      * NEW ZINES

      ...BUT FIRST...


      10 extremely cool designs that you can pin or sew onto yer' punk attire.
      Check 'em out:

      KITSCH//ARTIFICIAL RESPIRATION by Amelia is FINALLY back in stock!

      Plus Pleasure Species #4 by Zoog is also out.

      ** BELLADONNA DIY FEST 2003 **
      November 27th, 28th and 29th.
      Belladonna is a 3 day fest held in Wollongong, NSW. With over 15 bands, even
      more Workshops and Forums and a Zine fair running on every day!

      ** N E W : Z I N E S **

      ** ART ZINES

      Bed Wetter #3 by Christopher, Los Angeles, CA, U$A
      $7.00 : 100g : A4 : about 30pp
      The most interesting design I’ve encountered in a zine in a long time. It
      all comes stapled together and you have to pull it apart to get to the
      goodies "destroy to enjoy" as the creators say. The graphics are slick and
      there are interesting uses of texture. If you’re into graphic design, it’s
      probably worth a look.
      Review by Katrina

      Kitsch//Artificial Respiration by Amelia, Newtown, NSW
      $2.50 : 35g : A6 : 32p
      Collage zine entirely made devoid of computers using a typewriter, old
      science textbooks and dymo labelling. uses jenny holzer & barbara kruger
      appropriated quotes mixed with some of my own. screwed up medical imagery
      refunked with statements all about breathing/living. you are not yourself.

      Kitsch//Trouble & Desire by Amelia, Newtown, NSW
      Mathematical chic meets absinthe pusher, pig boots and an art school girl.
      Photography, digital art, wannabe beat writing, truth or fiction love songs
      and unsent love letters. Digitally printed artworks with transparencies and
      vellum paper and ANGST (!)
      This art/perzine is a masterpiece. Beautifully created and filled with some
      of the most awesome digital artwork that I have seen in a zine. The sincere
      and troubled content is bold, passionate and angry.
      - Brilliant!

      Pleasure Species #4 by z00:g, Newtown, NSW, AUSTRALIA
      $3.00 : 25g : 8cm*14cm : 32pp
      Insane ramblings by a megalomaniac Anarchist using street art photography as
      a background. Very neat. Very groovie. Use this as a guide to starting your
      own cult.

      Raeow by Keg, NEWTOWN, NSW, AUSTRALIA
      $4.00 : 40g : 10cm * 11cm : 24pp
      Slice-of-life mini-zine in the vein of Long Story Short. Great writing,
      cute graphics, and beautiful presentation. It fits in the back pocket of
      your jeans and it comes with a bonus CD! How ace is that?

      Run Panic Bight #4 (Terror of the Anus) by Gerald Roche, Bardon, QLD,
      $3.50 : 60g : A5 : 30pp
      Warning: contains poetry. Reassurance: the poetry doesn’t suck.
      RPB have some contributors in common with the excellent literary journal
      Going Down Swinging, which might give you some idea of their vision.
      Obvious care has gone into the editing process, so every piece feels like it
      belongs there. It’s got poetry, prose and everything in-between. The
      design has the flavour of a Radiohead album sleeve. A very worthwhile lit
      anthology zine.
      Review by Katrina

      View all the art zines here:

      ** COMIX

      Trevally of the Shadow of Death by Leigh, Hobart, TAS, AUSTRALIA
      $2.00 : 25g : A5 : 10pp
      An autobiographical comic with a nice mix of stories and yummy, cartoony
      artwork. Follows Leigh’s exploits as a fish n chip chef at a dockside
      takeaway joint. If you’ve ever worked in hospitality you’ll understand.
      Well worth your time.
      Review by Katrina

      View all the comix here:

      ** General Zines

      Cathexis #1 by Katy, Northcote, VIC, AUSTRALIA
      $2.00 : 40g : A5 : 20pp
      This zine combines theory and cinema, resulting in intellectual discourses
      in articles such as the process of filmmaking and the sound of horror,
      countered with the more conversational article on 'weird intense little
      guys'. Another highlight of this zine was the Springer spoof which has to
      be read to be believed! 20 pages. Definitely for those of you interested
      in film.
      Review by Jane

      I think so #4 by Esther, Footscray, VIC, AUSTRALIA
      $3.00 : 60g : 15cm * 21cm : 30pp
      Almost a year in the making, I think so #4 (talk to me like lovers do) is an
      articulate, thoughtful cut'n'paste perzine, with this issue focussing on
      Review by Jane

      Pick Your Poison #2 by Nate, Minneapolis, MN, U$A
      $2.00 : 65g : A5 : 48pp
      A collection of stories, a lot of which are about a kid Nate knew during his
      early teens, and other stories from around that time. The introduction
      says, "The mini theme to this zine is things you do at an early age that
      seem cool and make you feel rebellious, then years later make you cringe."
      If you were badass during your early teens, you will probably relate to
      Review by Jane

      Ugly Duckling #5 by Carmen, Fortitude Valley, QLD, AUSTRALIA
      $1.50 : 55g : A5 : 32pp
      Feminist zine from Brisbane. This issue features a good diversity of
      articles on such topics as female right-wing columnists, biological
      determinism in science, the British education system and a funny diss on
      feng shui. It is mostly mature, thoughtful and interesting writing, with
      the bonus inclusion of frightening statistics to launch a thousand rants -
      Which is the only country to have dropped bombs on over 20 countries since
      1945? It’s Aussie, it’s girl, it’s rock, it’s worth supporting.
      Review by Katrina

      View all the General zines here:

      ** Music Zines

      Maximum Rock n Roll #245 (Oct03) by MaximumRocknRoll, San Francisco, CA, U$A
      $8.00 : 240g : A4 : 140pp
      This issue features interviews French punk rock favorites LA FRACTION, UK
      thrash-masters THE HORROR (ex-VOORHEES for those of you keeping score), a
      final word from Chicago ragers KUNG FU RICK, tales from ARTIMUS PYLE's
      recent European tour, Japanese power-poppers THE GIMMIES, stage divers and
      high-fivers NO TIME LEFT and classic Finnish punkers RIISTETYT. A truly
      international masterpeice!

      Razorcake #16 by Sean and Todd, LA, CA, U$A
      $7.00 : 190g : A4 : 112pp
      Interviews with The Soviettes, The TimVersion, Tim Kerr from the Big Boys,
      Boyskout, The FM Knives and Margaret Cho. There's a memorial for the
      Exploding Hearts, the Portland power pop band whose members were recently
      killed in a van accident. We have an article on the children's rights
      political action committee, PROTECT. There are also columns by all of our
      regulars, and we have the usual assortment of record, zine, and book

      Rest Assured #2 by Ryan, Newtown, NSW, AUSTRALIA
      $4.00 : 190g : A4 : 61pp
      A mighty fine Australian hardcore/punk fanzine! This issue includes Shai
      Huluo, Strike anywhere, The Juliana Theory, Terror Cro Mags, Dropkick
      Murphys, Life Love Regret, Last Nerve, Fast Times, Means to an End, Against,
      Horsell Common, Mourning Tide, Parkway Drive, Day of Contempt, Hi End Audio,
      In Ashes we Lie, August Reign, Betray the Day plus loads more...!

      View all the Music zines here:


      more VOX SQUAD news coming next month...


      Vox Populis Zine Distro
      run by Amelia and Karl
      PO Box 253 Roselands
      Sydney, NSW
      Australia 2196

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