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  • Jane Louise
    VOX SQUAD : AUGUST 2003 ....vox squad transmission begins... greetings zine junky!!! here s the rundown of August s Vox Squad transmission * UPDATED SPECIALS *
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2003
      VOX SQUAD : AUGUST 2003
      ....vox squad transmission begins...

      greetings zine junky!!!

      here's the rundown of August's Vox Squad transmission

      * NEW ZINES

      BUT FIRST...
      The biggest THANK YOU to the brilliant people at SCOOTER for letting us sell
      zines at their recent gig at Erskinvile. SCOOTER is a non-profit venture set
      up by a bunch of queer Anarcho punk girls in Sydney to provide space for
      un-established girl musicians to perform and inspire more women to start
      playing instruments and form bands. It also involves a network of girl zine
      producers, artists and contacts with overseas/interstate girl bands with
      similar focus. Live band performs at every gig along with djs. Scooter
      organise the coolest grrl music nights in Sydney.
      Also a HUGE thanks to Katrina (Red Hot Go zine) for helping us do the

      ** U P D A T E D : S P E C I A L S **


      Rest Assured #1
      170g : A4 : 57pp
      Normally $5.00
      August $3.00
      This is the first issue of this zine from Graham in Newtown and it ROCKS!
      Features Hot water Music, Snapcase, Sommerset, Days of contempt, I Killed
      the Prom Queen, Thirty Two Fames, Days of Iris, Champion, Project Always,
      Mindsnare, Restraint, 4 Dead, Shoot to Kill, Strength Within, Caution and
      HEAPS more...

      Art Visionary #2 and Art Visionary #3
      260g : A4 : 64pp
      Normally $10.00 (each)
      August $7.00 (each)
      Professionally printed art journal featuring the very best in International
      Fantastic, Visionary, Outsider & Surrealist art... Each new issue is packed
      with important feature articles and interviews with all your favorite
      artists - with added glossy colour pages, resource contact addresses and
      much much more... Art Visionary is a must-have publication for collectors,
      artists, curators, art directors and enthusiasts everywhere !

      Just drop us an email is yer interested in these awesome zines...!

      ** N E W : Z I N E S **


      Art Visionary #3 by Damian, South Melbourne, VIC, AUSTRALIA
      $10.00 ($7.00 in August): 260g : A4 : 64pp
      This very cool glossy zine really is an international art journal of the
      fantastic, visionary and surreal. Issue #3 features writes ups and the
      images from Stephen Armstrong, Lukasz Banach, Peter Proksch, Phil
      Rubinov-Jcobson, Vonn Stropp and the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism. If
      you like art that’s on the darker side of human experience, or if you like
      reading about the ideas and art critic’s thoughts supporting these works,
      then you’ll really enjoy having Art Visionary on your coffee table.

      Catechism by Katrina, Petersham, NSW, AUSTRALIA
      $0.50 : 10g : 7.5cm*7.5cm : 12pp
      A short and punchy art/perzine which asks the big question "What am I to
      you?". Small enough to keep in your back pocket. Very cool. Very powerful.

      Round #1 by Georg, Brookline, MA, U$A
      $5.00 : 75g : 12.5cm*19.5cm : 60pp
      Cool verbal sketches, images and arty comix professionally printed in
      black&white - this zine’s got it all! This 'Forum for expression and
      interaction' is filled with photos and quirky writings. It’s clever,
      inspired and fresh. Another zine for the coffee table that will help get
      your ideas flowing.

      View all the art zines here:


      Disposable Boy #1 by Ezra, Portland, OR, USA
      $4.00 : 27g : Just smaller than A5 : 10pp
      "I look in the mirror and see the face of a boy who’s got more problems than
      he’ll ever admit." This comic is very well written and drawn. Sincere and
      soul searching.

      Complexification Strategory by Shawn, Portland, OR, USA
      $2.00 : 25g : A5 : 10pp
      Complexification Strategory is Shawn Granton's newest book of Ten Foot Rule
      comics. This one was compiled to take on tour (the Copy and Destroy roadshow
      2003 featuring Urban Hermitt, Alex Wrekk (Brainscan), Joe Biel (Microcosm
      Publishing) & Harmony Heartsun). In this comic, Shawn teases hipster music
      originality, worries about the state of the world, recommends cheap places
      to eat when travelling around the US ($5.99 all you can eat vegan Thai
      buffet in Seattle!), wonders about the popularity of Pabst Blue Ribbon,
      shares his fear of earthquakes, and thinks about life, history and grocery

      View all the comix here:


      Razorcake #15 by Sean and Todd, LA, CA, U$A
      $7.00 : 180g : A4 : 112pp
      This issue is jammed packed with American Punk! Interviews with Turbonegro,
      Feederz, Knockout Pills, John E. Miner, and political scandals you won't
      wanna miss!

      View all the Music zines here:

      Got a zine you want to review?
      Just email us the review and we'll gladly add it to the site.

      Read a good zine lately?
      Write to the author and tell them you liked it...zine authors need *LOTS* of


      more VOX SQUAD transmitions coming next month...


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      run by Amelia and Karl
      PO Box 253 Roselands
      Sydney, NSW
      Australia 2196

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