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1149New zines at AWS, pt. 2

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  • Agent With Style
    May 15, 2013
      Our next con is MediaWest in Lansing, MI -- deadline for pre-con orders
      11:59 pm ET on May 18, 2013. Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged! We
      sell out *fast*!

      * www.agentwithstyle.com *


      * Donald Strachey Mysteries *


      This second Donald Strachey Mysteries slash anthology, with a
      gorgeous color cover by Lorraine Brevig, contains loving and sensual stories
      of Albany, New York's openly gay private detective Donald Strachey and his
      partner, Tim Callahan, by some of the hottest writers in this fandom, such
      as Candy Apple, Storyfan, Lil_1337 and Nyteflyer. Don't miss this amazing


      * Hawaii Five-0 *


      As part of an elite police force, Commander Steve McGarrett and
      Detective Sargeant Danny "Danno" Williams fight international secret agents,
      criminals and organized crime syndicates plaguing the Hawaiian Islands, and
      being on the front line, no one can understand the bond of brotherhood being
      in constant danger can engender except someone who is right there in the
      trenches with you. And for Steve and Danny, that person is each other.
      Hidden behind laughter and a snarky attitude, the feelings of love between
      the two handsome cops begins to grow, finally becoming too apparent to
      ignore. From first-times to established relationships, this slash zine
      contains funny, dramatic, loving stories written by some of the best authors
      in this fandom, such as Glow, Moonshine and Tiger Tyger. With a drop-dead
      gorgeous color cover by Lorraine Brevig, this zine is one not to be missed!


      * Multimedia *

      DYAD 26

      The dictionary defines dyad as "two units regarded as a pair."
      And that's just what you'll find here -- pairings so hot and incendiary,
      you'll have to handle this slash zine with oven mitts!

      "Aftershocks" by Theresa Kyle - (Highlander) -- In the aftermath of Duncan
      and Methos' run-in with Cassandra, the two friends must face the task of
      facing the truth about Methos' past, and Duncan must weigh who Methos was in
      ancient times and who he has become now against the feelings that he has
      been harboring for the ancient Immortal.

      "Always the Ailsmaid" by Sekhmet and Bast - (Sahara) -- At a wedding, Al
      Giordino is asked by one of the many women hovering around Dirk Pitt, why
      Dirk was unmarried. When Al told her the truth, she wasn't at all happy with
      his answer.

      "Eia Au, Eia 'Oe" (Here I Am, Here You Are) by Orithain and Rina - (Hawaii
      5-0) -- After his little brother is long-gone and out of Danny's sphere of
      influence, Danny is faced with the ugly fact that Matt is a criminal who
      fled justice on his watch. Not knowing what to do with all the emotions
      this causes, Danny goes to the one place he knows he can be without
      question. Trouble is, Catherine is there when he arrives.

      "Should Haves and Could Haves" by TLR - (Rizzoli and Isles) -- While Jane is
      in surgery following a shooting, Maura puts pen to paper to help her make it
      through the long wait for her friend's life to be saved.

      "You'd Do Anything" by Bast - (Sherlock Holmes) -- An admission by Sherlock
      leads John to the conclusion that the great detective is as lonely as he is
      himself. His solution fits both their needs and desires.

      "Let It Die" by Bast - (S.W.A.T.) -- Jim Street continues to be haunted by
      the necessary shooting of his ex-partner, Brian Gamble. During the day, he
      could suppress the memory. It was at night that things became difficult.

      "No Turning Back" by Natasha Solten - (Wiseguy) -- Following in the wake of
      the encounter with Sonny's "nephew," Lorenzo, Vinnie sees a different side
      to Steelgrave, a side he had no idea existed until Sonny turned to him and
      let him know that he truly understood what Vinnie was feeling... and made it
      all right for Vinnie to acknowledge his own emotions.

      "Definitions" by Bast - (Sahara) -- After Dirk Pitt is injured, Al Giordino
      refuses to leave his side, helping him recover over the slow months ahead
      and, in the end, all Dirk ever truly needed to remember was right there in
      Al's eyes.

      "Heart's Desire" by Linda McGee - (Pirates of the Caribbean) -- The life
      Will had hoped for with Elizabeth has become a distant dream more than an
      immediate reality. So, when Captain Jack Sparrow appears in his life again,
      pulling him in a completely different direction, Will finds himself more
      than willing to consider Jack's proposal.

      "Forged in Blood" by Linda McGee - (Pirates of the Caribbean) -- While
      waiting for Will to ready himself to leave Port Royal behind, Jack is
      attacked and injured by thugs after more than his boat and possessions.
      When Will arrives to find Jack a prisoner and injured, Will's pirate blood
      sings in his veins to care for his captain.

      "Capturing Lightning" by Linda McGee - (Pirates of the Caribbean) -- Life
      aboard the Black Pearl is easier -- and more difficult -- than either Jack
      or Will anticipated.

      "The Flavor of Blair" by Natasha Solten - (The Sentinel) -- A simple
      question from Blair sends Jim's mind in directions Blair had never dreamed
      his Sentinel might go. The resulting conversation is a revelation for both

      "Ex Post Facto" by Cassatt - (Law and Order) -- When Ed Green left New York
      for a new life in California, he knew there was only one person he'd truly
      miss. That Jack McCoy is that person isn't even much of a surprise to him.
      But missing Ed was the *last* thing Jack ever thought would happen to him.


      * Find Us on the Web *

      Get the latest zine listings immediately!

      Facebook --

      Twitter -- www.twitter.com/agentwithstyle


      * Smallville *


      A rich billionaire and a rustic farm boy -- what could they
      possibly have in common? And yet, destiny keeps throwing them together, as
      though demanding that they fall in love, become one. And that's just what
      they do - among the knife's-edge of danger, the excitement of possible
      exposure, and the few moments of quiet peace, Clark and Lex live, love and
      bond. In this *thick* slash zine, there are such amazing stories as:

      "Coming Home" by Quin Rhodes -- Clark and his friends help out stranded
      rockstar Lex Luthor, and a relationship begins to build between the two of

      "Purple" by Dayspring -- Martha doesn't need an advanced degree in Art to
      figure out what's going on between Clark and Lex, but Jonathan might.

      "Ups and Downs" by Orithain and Rina -- What do you do when it's your
      lover's birthday, but he has everything money can buy? You kidnap him, of

      And many more tales by Jennie, Lasha, Kel, Peach, Shelley Wright and Holly
      Lynn. With over 330 pages of spellbinding stories, a gorgeous color cover
      by Theban Band and a drop-dead pull-out color art piece by Suzan Lovett,
      this zine is a work of art and not to be missed!


      * Stargate SG-1 *


      This zine contains an eclectic mix of short stories, novellas and
      vignettes focusing on the team of SG-1 and the friendship of Jack and
      Daniel. It's pure "gen" and no "ship" stories or deathfic. Grab this
      amazing zine! In this issue:

      "What's in the Attic?" by Lorraine Anderson -- A strange room on a mission
      leads to even stranger meetings with a strange "Doctor" and his

      "Life Saving Edition" by Storyhaus and Ann Wortham -- The stranger seems to
      be Daniel Jackson's guardian angel...

      "The Death and Life of General O'Neill" by Lorraine Anderson -- Jack thinks
      his life is over and he's ready to go, but old friends still need his help
      and he's not done saving the universe quite yet!

      "The Road Through Jericho" by Storyhaus and Ann Wortham -- A crossover with
      the series "Jericho," speculating how the SGC and SG-1 would react to a
      nuclear attack.

      "The Lurker at the Threshhold" by Sheila Paulson -- In this novella,
      translations on a planet lead the team to... H.P. Lovecraft?

      * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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