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1139New Stargate: Atlantis / NCIS / Stargate SG-1 / The Sentinel novel at AWS!

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  • Agent With Style
    May 22, 2012
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      Agent With Style is pleased to announce a new zine that brings
      together four fandoms in a tale that will hold you spellbound until the very
      last page:


      Blair, Tony, Daniel and Rodney all met in high school and became
      good friends. When their twenty-year high school reunion comes around, Tony
      decides to get them all to attend -- with their significant others. But in
      this engaging *Stargate SG-1 / NCIS / Stargate: Atlantis / The Sentinel*
      mega-crossover novel by Lady Ra, absolutely nothing goes as planned.

      Meeting up again for the first time in twenty years, Tony isn't
      sure if he should laugh it off when Rodney and John start talking about
      fighting aliens in outer space -- until he and Gibbs are asked to sign
      inch-thick non-disclosure agreements. Daniel uses his wiles to get Jack to
      agree to ask Hammond for a favor. And Blair thinks Jim's gone crazy when
      the Sentinel insists there is a giant invisible floating city out in the bay
      that only he can see.

      When one former jock and three geeks get together on Atlantis,
      along with their four military lovers, it's pure pandemonium.

      And then the Wraith show up...

      Don't miss this fantastic new zine!

      Now available for ordering from the AWS website --

      Please note -- all mail orders placed between May 22 and June 1
      will be mailed out starting June 2 due to being away at MediaWest. All
      burglars note -- we have four talkative cats, and, okay, they're not that
      ferocious, but if you sit still long enough, they *will* smother you to

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