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New and expanded Ballpark information, including geolocations

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  • Philip Kromer
    Hello, [I ve crossposted this to the retrosheet list -- sorry if you get both. Since this was an effort to match some of the data against BDB / Lahman
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 15, 2007

      [I've crossposted this to the retrosheet list -- sorry if you get
      both. Since this was an effort to match some of the data against BDB
      / Lahman database I wanted to post here too]

      I needed a file that had geolocations for each park, and separately
      wanted to match the BDB team info against the gamelogs database. I've
      taken the retrosheet park info from
      http://retrosheet.org/boxesetc/MISC/PKDIR.htm , the old parkcode.txt
      http://www.retrosheet.org/parkcode.txt info, these Google Earth files:
      http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/download.php?Number=721289 NL
      http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/download.php?Number=721294 AL
      the MLB team info http://mlb.mlb.com/team/index.jsp and David
      Vincent's Alternate Site Games at
      http://www.retrosheet.org/neutral.htm and
      http://www.retrosheet.org/neutral19.htm , smashed it together and made
      a unified file.

      The result contains all teams, names and alternate site info from
      Retrosheet, geolocations, and address and URL info for active teams.

      Please enjoy
      -- This is the best format: it lists all the info hierachically;
      using python's element tree (http://effbot.org/zone/element-index.htm)
      or perl's XML::Simple
      should give you a clean, simple data structur.

      -- This is the same file, in .csv and in .xml formats, listing the
      parks in a flattened (but still parsable) format; it's not a drop-in
      replacement for parkcodes.txt but it has the same flavor. If people
      are interested in a drop-in parkcodes.txt replacement I can spin that
      off pretty easily.

      parkID -- Retrosheet parkID
      -- The current name, or the last name this stadium was known by.
      beg, end, active, games
      -- Dates YYYY-MM-DD for the first and last recorded (according
      to retrosheet gamelogs) games at that stadium (blank for active or
      future sites); whether the site is currently the home stadium for an
      active MLB team; and the total number of gamelogs games at that stadium.
      lat, lng
      -- Geolocation
      streetaddr, extaddr, city, state, country, zip, tel
      -- Address
      url, spanishurl
      -- The main URL for active teams, and the URL for its
      -- The MLB logo file: prefix
      http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/images/team_logos/ to retrieve. I suppose this
      should be a full URL, if someone would like to ship me team logos for
      past teams I'll fix that.

      teamID -- Retrosheet teamID, with 'ANA' used for the Los Angeles
      Angels of Anaheim in Orange County, California, USA, Sol 3, Milky Way,
      Local Cluster since 1997 to now.
      parkID -- Retrosheet parkID
      beg, end
      -- Dates YYYY-MM-DD the first and last games recorded by that
      team at that stadium (according to retrosheet gamelogs), blank for
      active or future sites.
      -- total number of gamelogs games at that stadium by that team.
      -- Given as "1" if the site is listed in David Vincent's
      Alternate Site Games

      parkID -- Retrosheet parkID
      -- A name this park was known by. I used the Retrosheet park
      info from http://retrosheet.org/boxesetc/MISC/PKDIR.htm to list off
      the official names of each park (flagged with "auth"). If a park was
      labelled in some way in one of my other sources, it was also thrown on
      the heap. Note that this has one exciting and annoying result: 'Polo
      Grounds III' has 'Polo Grounds II' as an OtherName, as it's known that
      way in BDB for instance.
      beg, end
      -- For "auth" names, the seasons that the park was marketed
      under that name
      -- Was this an official name for the park ('Bank One Ballpark'
      yes, 'The BOB' no)?
      -- Is this the current or last-used-while-MLB-active name for
      the park?

      parkID -- Retrosheet parkID
      -- comments for each site. There may be some parkcodes.txt
      cruft left in there.

      The flat files give all of the above in the format

      allteams lists each 'team (beg-end) [alt]', with end=>'now' for an
      active park, separated by '; ', and with '[alt]' appended to
      alternate-site games
      allnames lists each 'name (beg-end)', auth names first, with
      end=>'now' for an active park, separated by '; ', and no dates for a
      non-auth team.
      allcomments lists the comments separated by ' | ' in some arbitrary

      I've left five 'proposed' stadiums in the set, including the future
      NYA stadium and a few others whose status I'm unsure of. These are
      easy enough to remove if the idea offends.

      I'm going to try to spin off a Google Earth .kml file from this data,
      hopefully later tonight, which will placemark all the geolocated sites
      with all the above info in the descriptions.

      Philip (Flip) Kromer

      PS If you enjoyed playing with the Google Earth thing, I'd also like
      to point to these other Google Earth files:
      All Minor Lg
      AAA Stadiums http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/download.php?Number=47579
      Football http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/download.php?Number=12353
      which give geolocations (and neat-o team logos) for minor league and
      football stadiums.
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