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1955 AL HBP pitchers grand total 8 lower than batters grand total; 1955 AL R pitchers grand total1 higher 8 lower than batters grand total on RS

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  • Clem Comly
    HP HP Bosox Sullivan baseball-ref. 2 vs 7 daily s total Tigers Hoeft 3 vs 6 daily s total Apparently transcription errors caused these
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2007
                                  HP    HP
      Bosox Sullivan baseball-ref. 2 vs 7 daily's total
      Tigers Hoeft        "        3 vs 6 daily's total
      Apparently transcription errors caused these numbers to be different.
                                   WP  WP
      Bosox Sullivan baseball-ref. 1 vs 2 daily's total
      Tigers Hoeft        "        0 vs 3 daily's total
      For both, their balk totals ended up in their WP columns and their WP total in their HBP columns (in 1955 AL dailies these 3 columns are adjacent)
      So the databank and others should correct their numbers to match daily's totals;

      1955 AL Opp. Runs (pitchers) grand total 1 higher than hitting Runs grand total on www.retrosheet.org but not on www.baseball-reference.com

      Retrosheet disagrees with baseball-reference.com on NYY team batting runs, 761 to 762 respectively.  But if I add individual batter season totals on both sites, they add to 761.  So the baseball-reference.com team total is not created by adding the individual batter totals.  Going through the dailies for each Yankee batter, the problem is game in Boston 8/16/1955 when Yankees scored 13 runs including 2 by Rizzuto per NYT box but the film of dailies of each batter sums only to 12 and shows Rizzuto with only 1 run.  So Rizzuto's 1955 run stat should be 20 not 19.
      Clem Comly



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