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Re: Hall of Fame table error

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  • Keith Hemmelman
    ... Doug, have a look at the file BDB-HOF.xls in the Files section. (http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/baseball-databank/files/
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      --- In baseball-databank@yahoogroups.com, "dsreyn" <dreynolds@...> wrote:
      > I don't know if anyone has posted this previously, but there is an
      > error in the 1974 entry for Whitey Ford in the HallOfFame table. The
      > fields for votes cast and votes required for election are both zero
      > (should be 365 and 274).
      > Doug

      Doug, have a look at the file "BDB-HOF.xls" in the Files section. (http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/baseball-databank/files/)

      I had created an Excel spreadsheet with updated and corrected data awhile back and with the help of a few folks here proofing through the info, I believe it is a much more accurate HOF table for the BDB.  There were a variety of other errors I had come across.  It was an interesting project for me to do and I have a lot of respect for the folks that compile data from historical records for a project like the Hall of Fame voting.

      I use my updated HOF data from this spreadsheet in my MS Access version of the BDB.  In the Excel spreadsheet, the first worksheet is named "HallOfFameTable" and I used it as a direct replacement for the current HOF data in the BDB.  I also had to add several hofID's in the Master table of the BDB due to several players not being included in the HOF data.  (These players are identified in this spreadsheet too.)  There are a few years of voting results that I did not include as part of the main data due to most of those individuals not even existing in the BDB, but I do have a seperate worksheet included that shows this data for your reference.

      Keith Hemmelman

    • Keith Hemmelman
      Looking at the HOF table, I believe a wrong player is being referenced. In the HOF table, there are 6 records that reference Fred Tenney, (playerID= tennefr01
      Message 2 of 4 , Dec 2, 2006
        Looking at the HOF table, I believe a wrong player is being referenced.
        In the HOF table, there are 6 records that reference Fred Tenney, (playerID="tennefr01" & hofID="tennefr01h").  This Fred Tenney of course has the "tennefr01h" hofID listed in his record in the Master table.  However, I do not believe this is the correct Fred Tenney since this player only played a single year and wasn't a manager and he shouldn't have a hofID entry in his Master table record, and instead the below Fred Tenney is the correct one that should have the hofID for these 6 records in the HOF table.
        Fred Tenney (playerID="tennefr02").
        Since these two Fred Tenney's are consecutive records in the Master table, I'm wondering if perhaps it was just a matter of the hofID being typed on the wrong line?
        I actually use my own version of the HOF table since I feel it is more accurate, but I had noticed this Fred Tenney last year and again this year so I thought I'd mention it to see if others think this is a mistake too.
        Keith Hemmelman
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