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Re: [baseball-databank] Data Formats/Field Names

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  • Joshua Gramlich
    I would appreciate the link to the file from the web site...or rather, new folk might be benefited by a big read this first link. Had I known about the
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      I would appreciate the link to the file from the web site...or rather, new folk might be benefited by a big "read this first" link.  Had I known about the file, I probably would have never brought most of this stuff up!  :-)
      Just an fyi, but I just downloaded the "Individual Tables in Comma-Delimited Format" zip file and the readme is not in there.
      As to changing column names and whatnot, I dont want to suggest (even though it may have sounded so) that the current version be changed within the community.  There is obviously a large enough user base that changing formats like that would cause more problems than it solves.
      In case anyone is interested, I will be making a "fork" of the data format, rebuilding the schema to a more "data-warehouse-ish" format.  I'm going to be creating lookup tables and whatnot.  I will provide the tabledefs and the csv's I come up with to the mailing list.
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      On Wed, 27 Nov 2002, Sean Lahman wrote:

      > There is a readme file that explains every field, and that comes with each
      > release. Bear in mind that the files at the baseball-databank website are a
      > sort of work in progress, a beta version if you will.  The fact that there
      > is not detailed documentation there does not mean that it doesn't exist. If
      > anyone feels the existing documentation is inadequate, or would like to
      > volunteer to expand the existing filed descriptions, please do so and we'll
      > include that in the upcoming release. (the current readme file is at
      > http://baseball1.com/statistics/readme.txt)

      We probably ought to link to that file and/or provide an updated document
      that explains all the new fields. Concepts such as stintID, separate
      Lahman/player/manager/holtz/etc. ID's aren't yet reflected in the
      baseball1 "release" version. I can see how newcomers might be confused.

      I'll be sending in an updated version for the Master table. Hopefully
      others will volunteer to fill in here and there as well.



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