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Re: Batting tbl - g_batting missing In the Lahman database (as of Feb. 14, 2014) this anomaly for the field G_batting still exists. In 2012 the field G_batting shows missing values for numerous
Apr 10
Re: CHC and CHW franchises reversed in 2013 In the Teams.csv file that I have, this data is correct. I just hand-checked the franchise IDs, team wins and losses, stadium name, etc. This file is dated
Clay Dreslough
Apr 10
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Re: CHC and CHW franchises reversed in 2013 That was an issue I thought we fixed during beta that seems to have crept back in. Sorry. --Sean ... Sean Lahman http://seanlahman.com
Sean Lahman
Apr 4
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CHC and CHW franchises reversed in 2013 It seems that the franchise codes for the Cubs and White Sox for 2013 are reversed! (A user of my iPhone app reported this, unfortunately.) Note the franchID,
Mark Knopper
Apr 4
Fixes A few fixes for the current database: In the Managers table: cammebi99 - This is Bill Cammeyer, does not appear to have an entry in the Master table. hengled99
Apr 1
Databank person IDs for 2014 All, I have set up a table of baseball-databank IDs for 2014 debut players. It can be downloaded from http://www.chadwick-bureau.com/data/bbdb/master-2014.csv
Theodore Turocy
Mar 29
Re: Digest Number 1339 Thanks, Sean! Paul Reeths
Paul Reeths
Mar 18
Re: Digest Number 1339 All, I just realized that the last update didn't get published due to operator error. I didn't realize it was draft mode. Will fix shortly, and most recent
Sean Lahman
Mar 17
Re: Digest Number 1339 Just wanted to check in to see if the non-players had been added to the Master table. Paul Reeths
Paul Reeths
Mar 17
Re: Digest Number 1339 Hi all, I wanted to check in on the latest SQL version and if it was available and if I missed somewhere in the past threads. If not, I believe I can put
Feb 24
Alpha version of collegiate information All, First, thanks to Sean and all for the lovely words last week. Indeed, some of the recent glitches in the last release especially had to do with trying to
Theodore Turocy
Feb 19
Re: Digest Number 1339 Sean, Thank you much. I know that integrating the various ID fields had to have its share of challenges, but in the end I think the database will be more
Paul Reeths
Feb 14
Re: Digest Number 1339 ... I will add my voice to Sean's with respect to Ted. If I had to choose one person that I have ever been involved with with regards to processing baseball
Feb 14
Re: Digest Number 1339 Paul et al, This was a mix-up on my end. Neal and Kevin are right that that non-playing managers and HOFers were inadvertently excluded from my last push of
Sean Lahman
Feb 14
Re: Digest Number 1339 I agree with Paul.  Non-playing managers should be in the master file, along with non-playing Hall of Famers (Bill Klem, Ford Frick, Josh Gibson). THANKS,
Feb 14
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Re: Digest Number 1339 It was my understanding that the Master table should still contain the bio info for everyone referenced in the database, regardless of whether or not they
Paul Reeths
Feb 14
Re: Digest Number 1339 The Master table contains MLB /players/. The 120 managers in your list never played in the majors. neal ... -- ... neal traven
Neal Traven
Feb 13
Re: Latest update availalable If I'm looking at this correctly, I believe the Master table is missing some managers. I looked for Jim Leyland in the Master file, for instance and didn't
Paul Reeths
Feb 12
Re: Latest update availalable Yes the latest Access version would be great... Got my homers draft coming up shortly and need to have my spreadsheet ready to go... Thanks!
Feb 10
Re: Latest update availalable Sean; Any idea when SQL and Access versions will be made available. Also, is the primary data (batting, pitching and fielding tables) clean? Bruce MacLeod
Feb 10
Re: Latest update availalable Thanks, Sean, for all the great work. Think the master file looks fantastic ... very clean. Bit of a chagrin for the loss of the lahmanid#, but that's
Feb 7
Latest update availalable I just posted an updated version of the database in CSV format. (SQL and access versions will come later today).
Jan 31
Re: Teams table Thanks, Sean. I'll look for it when it gets there. Sure understand how those other life events take precedence, as they should. All the best. JD
Jan 27
Re: Teams table Latest version is available at: http://www.seanlahman.com/baseball-archive/statistics/ There will be an update this weekend with bug fixes and other changes
Sean Lahman
Jan 22
Re: Teams table Tom. You said you didn't download the new version. I couldn't find the new version when I looked. No push, of course. Tons of work for Sean and everybody.
Jan 22
Re: Teams table Confirmed.  Sadly, the Ranking field is accurate for both but I'll take the 3 extra wins for my Cubbies!   -Chris 630.631.7822 (c) facebook.com/clambrou1
Chris Lambrou
Jan 21
Teams table For 2013, the Chicago teams have some, maybe all, of their data swapped. I just checked a few of their categories. I didn't check other years, or other teams
Jan 20
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HOF I haven't downloaded the latest release, but in an older version it shows this: hofID yearid votedBy ballots needed votes inducted category needed_note
Jan 9
Re: 2013 Beta release available I've been off due to the holidays, but I'll post an updated beta version tomorrow with fixes for bugs that have been reported since the last release, including
Sean Lahman
Jan 6
Re: 2013 Beta release available Yes, I just noticed this as well. I think it's missing all catchers info altogether, but not certain. JD
Jan 6
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