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Re: Begginers guide

Carlos, There's a text file on the Lahman database page that will give you the info you seek http://www.seanlahman.com/files/database/readme2014.txt Matt M.
Matt Mitchell
Sep 23

Begginers guide

Is there such a thing?I want to start my application and i wanto to know a little more obout the db structure and the way i can keep the data updated.Greetings
Carlos de Luna Saenz
Sep 13

Archive vs Retrostats

I am new to exploring all the stats available online. Of course I came across retrosheets and this archive and as I am pouring through all this data, I was
Sep 13

Correction - Wade LeBlanc, 2014

I don't know if this has been posted already (I can't find any mention of it anyway), but there's a problem with Wade LeBlanc's 2014 entries in the Pitching
Sep 6

Re: Identifiers for 2015 debutants

All, Now that the silly season of expanded rosters (and therefore many new debutants) is upon us, for those of you who might be new/have forgotten, I run a
Theodore Turocy
Sep 2

Re: Retrosheet repositories, including splits data

All, Since there doesnÆt seem to be any more new thoughts on this, I have re-built the files to include a phase column. I use the phase codes that MLBAM
Theodore Turocy
Sep 2

Re: Retrosheet repositories, including splits data

ClayÆs observation is an interesting one. ItÆs my own inclination not to conflate phases with stint ordering. ItÆs true that in MLB, we donÆt have to worry
Theodore Turocy
Aug 18

Re: Retrosheet repositories, including splits data

FWIW, the Lahman Database replaces the regular season's "stint" column with a "round" column that contains one of the following: WS, ALCS, NLCS, ALDS1, ALDS2,
Aug 17

Re: Retrosheet repositories, including splits data

John and all, I would be happy to generate postseason versions ù it would be silly for someone to do it themselves (that is the whole point of the exercise in
Theodore Turocy
Aug 16

Re: Retrosheet repositories, including splits data

Hi Ted, If I’m reading the files correctly I’d like to ask do you have a post-season version of this? If not I’ll just go ahead an generate one for
Rickert, John H
Aug 13

Retrosheet repositories, including splits data

All, Apologies for those of you who may receive the below multiple times. IÆve pushed up a new repository featuring game-by-game and splits data based on
Theodore Turocy
Jul 6

Re: Missing OF Data

I was finally able to integrate the missing 2000-2013 OF data into the "Fielding.csv" file, posted here:
May 28

Identifiers for 2015 debutants

All, As with last year, I will run a frequently-updated (usually daily) register of 2015 debutant players, with their provisional baseball-databank person
Theodore Turocy
Apr 24

Re: Missing OF data

Still no word on fixing the data? I wonder if it would be possible to fix the errors and reconstruct the missing data from previous years and perhaps other
Mar 24

Re: Twitter and mainPos uploads

Aha, found it in the 'File' heading for the group. I see that baseball-reference.org also has a page on player Twitter accounts: Baseball Player Twitter
Mar 24
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