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790Re: [baseball-databank] 1900 American League

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  • Paul Wendt
    Sep 4, 2002
      By the way, what has been decided about IDs for minor league players in
      the complete version of the bbdb?

      29 Aug 2002, Mike Crain asked and I replied:

      > > I know that the 1900 "American League" is not recognized as a "major
      > > league". I seem to recall it being talked about,

      Ah, its minor league status has been debated for years. In my opinion,
      the only good argument for calling AL1900 "major" is that that will spur
      research on that league, and the 1899-1900 offseason.

      > I named it here as an example minor league. Sean Forman observed that it
      > is not a priority but he will add AL1900 data and other minor league data.
      . . .
      > Some paper sources for AL1900 data:
      > 1900 newspapers,
      > 1901 baseball guides,
      > S.C. Thompson _All-Time Rosters of [MLB] Clubs_ (1967),
      > David Nemec _The Great Encyclopedia of [19c MLB]_ (1997).
      . . .
      > I don't know any electronic source with full coverage of the players,
      > not to mention full scope of playing statistics.

      I compared the rosters (player names for each team-season) published by
      Thompson and Nemec and sent the differences --one difference in each of
      five teams-- to David Nemec with comments. I will pursue this with a
      focus on whether there is a consensus among those who have studied AL1900,
      regarding the list of players and their teams. If no consensus of the
      experts, is a "best guess" clear to me?

      Because 1900 is a gap in the MLB career of many players, and because of
      what the reconstituted league accomplished, AL1900 should have some
      priority over other minor leagues. Maybe the record of affiliations
      between players and teams is valuable to others (it is to me), even
      without playing statistics.

      > "Regular Teams, American League 1900"
      > http://world.std.com/~pgw/Deadball/al1900.html
      > is my presentation of this and that. The heart is "three pitchers and
      > eight regular players for each team, identified by [Joe] Wayman".

      Wayman reported a count of 201 players and a count of 126 with NL
      experience through 1900. By my count, Thompson listed 200 in 1967 and
      David Nemec has 202, including Thompson's 200 and two others. For the
      200 in common, the list of teams is identical.

      -- P/\/ \/\/t

      Paul Wendt, Watertown MA, USA <pgw@...>
      Chair, 19th Century Committee, SABR
      Owner-Administrator, 19cBB (egroup at Yahoo)
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