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663Re: [baseball-databank] Re: Winter 1995, regular season 1995 (was Refresh my memory)

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  • Paul Wendt
    Aug 1 8:49 AM
      On Thu, 1 Aug 2002, ucraimx wrote:

      > I just saw the 1900 to present,

      The record for early 20th century is skimpy because much of the database
      comes from published sources whose complete or nearly-complete coverage
      begins later. The Rusie-Mathewson trade is included, and precisely dated
      1900-12-15, because it is famous. There were other trades, purchases, and
      releases in 1900 ;-)

      > but is anyone working on a Pre1900 (OR is that even available)?

      It is not available in one place, not even annually, if you mean a nearly
      complete paper record that needs only teeth-gritting transcription to
      digital. Here or at Retrolist, someone guestimated the completeness of
      annual and weekly (TSN) reporting of transactions at some early dates -
      but even those were early 20th century dates, as I recall.

      The Sporting News is weekly since 1886. Spalding's Base Ball Guide is
      annual since Spring 1877 or Spring 1876. The reasonably complete
      publication of transactions, weekly or annual, begins much later.
      In general, the transactions data must be recovered from daily newspapers.
      There will always be gaps, even for players who appeared in MLB games.

      At the annual public meeting of the 19th Century Cmtee five weeks ago,
      I introduced the Transactions Database and full Game Log (with Starting
      Pitchers), by briefly visiting the Transactions subset for trades
      and the Game Log for Boston AL1901

      These projects need workers. They are among the "outside" projects (not
      organized by the 19c Cmtee) that I will introduce to people this year.

      -- P/\/ \/\/t

      Paul Wendt, Watertown MA, USA <pgw@...>
      Chair, 19th Century Committee, SABR
      Owner-Administrator, 19cBB (egroup at Yahoo)
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