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661Re: Winter 1995, regular season 1995 (was Refresh my memory)

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  • ucraimx
    Aug 1, 2002
      Just a side question:

      Is this transaction database available?


      --- In baseball-databank@y..., Derek Adair <dadair@i...> wrote:
      > On Wed, 31 Jul 2002, tom tom wrote:
      > > That's an interesting question. What does Tom R's
      > > transaction database have? (My copy is on my work
      > > computer, but if someone knows off-hand...)
      > Nothing related to replacement players. Charles Gipson and Benny
      > (two examples) have nothing related to replacement status in their
      > entries. The transaction types also have no replacement info.
      > > I think it's a mess to consider the spring training
      > > stats, or even regular season stats (say like the NFL)
      > > in the same class as the MLB players. Just because
      > > they are on MLB teams doesn't make them a "majors"
      > > class, regardless of what MLB and the NFL decide to
      > > designate them as such. They are an independent minor
      > > league level class.
      > If we ever have spring training data, I see no reason why their
      > should not be included. We can deal with majors when that happens
      > imagine there would be some sort of ruling to determine records and
      > like, and we'd adhere to that). I say keep the records and
      interpret them
      > differently if there's an extenuating circumstance; don't segregate
      > data.
      > Regards,
      > Derek Adair
      > dadair@i...
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