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549Re: [baseball-databank] Re: DEFINITION - team IDs and ballclub IDs

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  • Derek Adair
    Jul 1, 2002
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      On Mon, 1 Jul 2002, tangotiger wrote:

      > Exactly my opinion. The only thing I would say is to REMOVE the
      > league information from the team table.
      > Or, if you decide to keep the league in the team table, then if a
      > team like Milwaukee will go from AL to NL to AL, then it should not
      > have 3 ids, but 2.
      > The ballclub table should have
      > MBREW, MIL, AL
      > MBREW, ML4, NL

      I disagree here, but that can be addressed easily if/when it ever happens.

      > *************
      > I think this "league" information is going to become important when
      > venturing into adding minor league and jap league data. If we are
      > going to say "minor league", then we should say "major league". If
      > we are going to say ECL, PCL, and the ACTUAL leagues and not the
      > umbrella, then we can say AL and NL. Personally, "league" should be
      > the umbrella of level of competition (majors, minors, college, high
      > school, japanese, Cuban, etc), and not the "sub-leagues" at the same
      > level.

      This is very true. Anyone put any thought into my proposal to expand the
      keyspace to improve clarity for when we add minor league and foreign
      league data? This has ramifications on game ID's since those ID's include
      team ID's (in any scheme we've talked about, this has been the case, at

      Derek Adair
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