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4495CHC and CHW franchises reversed in 2013

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  • Mark Knopper
    Apr 4 12:43 PM
      It seems that the franchise codes for the Cubs and White Sox for 2013 are reversed! (A user of my iPhone app reported this, unfortunately.) Note the franchID, which is the fourth field in these lines from Teams.csv :

      2013,NL,CHN,CHC,C,5,162,81,66,96,N,N,N,N,602,5498,1307,297,18,172,439,1230,63,32,67,30,689,643,4,3,1,39,4344,1332,160,540,1184,100,128,0.983,Chicago White Sox,U.S. Cellular Field,1768413,107,107,CHW,CHA,CHA

      2013,AL,CHA,CHW,C,5,162,81,63,99,N,N,N,N,598,5563,1385,237,19,148,411,1207,105,42,34,48,723,643,4,5,1,40,4365,1424,182,509,1249,121,153,0.98,Chicago Cubs,Wrigley Field,2642682,104,105,CHC,CHN,CHN

      I will have to check to see if any others are wrong.

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