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  • Sean Lahman
    Feb 14, 2014
      Paul et al,
      This was a mix-up on my end.  Neal and Kevin are right that that  non-playing managers and HOFers were inadvertently excluded from my last push of the master table.  I will have a new release later today that re-includes them.  As a matter of design, the master table should always include IDs and biographical info for any person who has records in the database.

      This is an opportunity to mention something that has been alluded to earlier, but perhaps not formally announced.  Beginning this year, updates to the master table as well as many of the key statistical tables are going to be provided to the Databank project by the Chadwick Bureau, whose proprietor Ted Turocy should be a familiar name to most of you. For many years, Ted has championed the effort to standardize the identification of baseball people  -- encompassing major and minor league players, executives, scouts, umpires, etc. -- and to help create standards that make it easier for folks who publish baseball data to integrate and connect their data sets.  In addition to his many open source contributions. Ted provides data and services for a variety of private clients.  Whether you're interested in those open source offerings or his professional services, I encourage you to check out his website at http://chadwick-bureau.com/


      Sean Lahman
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