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43871901-2012 team GS <> team CG + team GF

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  • Clem Comly
    Jun 9, 2013
      There are over 100 team seasons where this inequality exists.  At least one (1915 Cards) is an error in the official stats
      (Red Ames should have 1 GF not 2).  Such official errors are easy to differentiate from BBDB error by looking at
      a team’s pitching totals.  But a bunch have to be BBDB  errors.  The most recent inequality was 2012 Cubs
      off by 4.  Turns out the Pitching table doesn’t have Jeff Beliveau (0 GS 0 CG 4 GF) for that season.  I hope
      someone else will volunteer to look at these to ID other BBDB issues.
      Clem Comly
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