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4372Re: [baseball-databank] Re: Houston teamID

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  • Sean Lahman
    Apr 3, 2013
      I agree with Tom on this one.  The TeamID should never change.  We can capture all other information in the Teams or Franchise tables (although in practice, many people simply don't use these tables).


      Sean Lahman

      On Wed, Apr 3, 2013 at 10:20 AM, Tangotiger <tom@...> wrote:

      > I would think the only time a teamID should ever change would be when
      > there is change to the actual team name (location and/or nickname).

      Are you suggesting that when the Tampa Bay Devil Rays became the Tampa Bay
      Rays, that you would change their teamID? Mighty Ducks to Ducks? Anaheim
      Angels to LA Angels (of Anaheim)?

      In my view, it would not only be a change of location, but a location
      outside of the "metro area". Mets, Yankees, etc... they changed
      "locations". If that's too semantical, then: the Jets go from NY to NJ, I
      still wouldn't change the Jets' teamID, or Nets going from NJ to Brooklyn,
      or Islanders moving to Brooklyn. NY/NJ is all part of the same metro

      Brooklyn to LA, then yes, change in teamID. We have the franchID to
      establish continuity for Dodgers, if needed.

      Change in levels/leagues/conferences/divisions? There's about twenty
      other things that are better considerations for changing a teamID than
      that, and eighteen of those are crappy reasons.


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