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4365Re: [baseball-databank] Re: Houston teamID

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  • Michael Westbay
    Apr 2 6:02 PM
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      Handling name changes (or conference changes) in a database is tricky.  One still wants the older name (or conference) to come up when querying past seasons.

      I deal with this by using and XML database that has a default name when querying without a date and aliases with a date range for querying with a specified date.

      The same goes with players.  One doesn't want to change a player's ID when his name changes.  But one may want to extract a different name depending on the season.

      The biggest issue is with dealing with all the applications that access the database.  If every web application out there that uses the Baseball Databank is reliant on a single league field for a given team, then changing every one of those web applications to properly place a person -> team -> league join for past seasons is going to be a mammoth undertaking.

      Michael Westbay
      Writer/System Administrator
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