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  • anson2995
    Feb 6, 2012
      I'm going to post the updated version of the database to my website within the next few hours. It'll be available from my website http://seanlahman.com -- which is a mirror of the old address http://baseball1.com/statistics.

      It incorporates fixes based on all of the fine feedback I received for the beta version, both posted here and sent to me via email. I want to note three changes in particular.

      First, for those who weren't aware, I made the unilateral decision to release this under a less-restrictive creative commons license.

      Second, two changes since the beta release as noted in the "readme" file: I added a column to the HOF table called "needed_note", for four HOF ballots where the total needed to proceed were non-numeric values. This applies to three run-off ballots and the nominating ballot of 1946. I also picked up on Clay Davenport's suggestion to adjust the playerID for Kevin Youkilis.

      Third, I received a handful of corrections to player biographical information which I have not yet incorporated. The MASTER table needs an overhaul that I did not feel could be adequately addressed without delaying this release significantly. Updates to death dates and final games have not been well maintained for several years. But more significantly, the MASTER table has not updated changes to player identities based on research into pre-1920 players who were previously mis-identified. And there has been a rush of corrections to name and birth dates for foreign-born players in the wake of post-9/11 scrutiny of passports and birth certificates. I'm hoping to work with Rod Nelson and others to address all of these issues during the 2012 season.

      I've posted versions of the database in Access and CSV. If anyone would like to convert it to other formats and is willing to share those versions for download, please let me know and I'll add them to the website.

      As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

      Sean Lahman / sean@...
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