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4089Re: [baseball-databank] Digest Number 1186

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  • Tangotiger
    Apr 1, 2011
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      > That said, commercial-use license whose intent was to put everything out
      > there for public use without restriction wouldn't make any sense; that
      > would
      > not be a commercial use. Commercial use implies use for the purpose of
      > generating revenues.

      But this is what the BDB group is envisioning, much like Retrosheet, that
      people will donate money to make the project viable.

      SABR is a non-profit, isn't it, like Retrosheet? Is the SABR Bio
      committee simply made up of SABR members, and all creations made by SABR
      members? So, again, what would stop SABR from producing a bio file for
      use by the community at large? Is the worry that you will lose a certain
      number of members because they think their benefits have been diluted?
      Then, that's the purpose of the microdonations, that it will make up for
      the loss of revenue elsewhere. Again, what is stopping SABR from next
      week distributing for the general public the bio data?

      I understand that if you have some outside source that you paid for the
      material that they would veto it. I'm talking about the bio data, and
      minor league data (if that was also all in-house).

      As for 24/7: that's a Pete Palmer / Gary Gillette company isn't it? We're
      splitting hairs, for discussion purposes anyway, if we are separating
      Pete's DB from the 24/7 DB.

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