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4084Re: [baseball-databank] Digest Number 1186

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  • Peter Kreutzer
    Apr 1, 2011
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      I like the sound of what you're suggesting F.X., because it might improve the BDB data and give more access to more data to everyone, and because it seems like it might reduce work that would otherwise be duplicated.

      But as long as there is the potential for public free access to the SABR/Palmer dB to be withdrawn, for any reason no matter how apparently obscure, it seems prudent to keep the BDB dB alive (as newsgroup and annual release, at least) as a fallback. It doesn't sound like there's any reason for that not to happen.

      FX, can you point us to the definitions of a community of interest, the procedure to become one, and the obligations of such a community? 
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