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3781What is the g_old column in the batting table

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  • Micke Hovmöller
    Aug 12, 2009
      What is the g_old column in the batting table?

      I googled a bit but couldn't find the answer, and the documentation only say "G_old          old Games Played field". Specifically, why does it differ from g_batting for players who never pitched?

      select *
        from batting b
        where g_batting <> g_old
          and not exists
            (select null
              from pitching p
              where b.playerid = p.playerid
                and b.yearid = p.yearid
                and b.teamid = p.teamid
                and b.stint = p.stint)

      Gives these player years:
      greenkh01    2006    1    SDN    NL
      bellira01    1996    1    ATL    NL
      benjami01    1994    1    SFN    NL
      cartega01    1979    1    MON    NL
      clarkje01    1990    1    SDN    NL
      mccraqu01    1997    1    COL    NL
      mearepa01    2001    1    PIT    NL
      redmomi01    2002    1    FLO    NL
      sakatle01    1982    1    BAL    AL
      spierbi01    1993    1    ML4    AL
      thomaga01    1978    2    NYA    AL

      Looking at the game logs, I can't figure out what happened here that caused g_batting and g_old to differ.

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