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3713Re: [baseball-databank] Fixing Bat Hand Code

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  • Tangotiger
    Jan 5, 2009
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      > I'm concerned about both. I would have a similar concern for including
      > GB/FB data for the years in which retrosheet data is spotty. The
      > difference
      > is that we know which seasons have problems in that case, but for badj
      > entries, we don't know (at least not without some insight from Dave Smith)
      > what their level of accuracy is.
      > sean

      Speaking for myself, I don't need a level of accuracy higher than what
      baseball-reference.com and retrosheet.org has. I'd much rather know that
      Retrosheet thinks that Mike Maddux has swapped batting hands 3 times in
      his career, and the years in which Retrosheet thinks this happened, than
      to have a single MASTER record showing Maddux as a L, and to not have
      anything in the BATTING table.

      If we can envision BDB growing into having a series of splits BATTING
      tables, then we'll have no choice but to have a BATTING_SPLIT_HAND, and
      have up to 4 records for each player/team/season, as LH_LP, RH_LP, LH_RP,
      RH_RP. I know that b-r and retro only shows this (at the player level) as
      two records, but the league records (at least for retro.org, don't know
      about b-r) shows it as 4 records.

      Putting into DB form what is already on websites, as respected as b-r and
      retro are, would be my acceptable level.

      While I share some concern that Sean has, putting it out there, and
      getting volunteers to clean up the data would be my preferred route.
      Otherwise, until I posted about Mike Maddux, who would have known?

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