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3707Re: [baseball-databank] Fixing Bat Hand Code

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  • Tangotiger
    Jan 5, 2009
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      > I am of the opinion that the Master table should contain the historically
      > documented handedness for the hitter, while the Batting table should
      > reflect the in-season handedness as Tom suggested earlier. If a player
      > like Orlando Merced, for example, is listed historically as a

      We still have the issue with JT Snow, who should show in the MASTER table
      as a switch hitter, since he switched-hitted even more than Merced.

      For players with limited playing time, I'm ok with MASTER showing guys as
      switch hitters, even if they never switched-hit in MLB (on the expectation
      that eventually we'll get minor league or college data that shows them as
      switch hitters).

      But, for guys who have switched hit in MLB (based on my algorithm, or
      anyone else's), then I don't see any reason to think that what we have in
      MASTER is necessarily the "historically documented fact" that it might
      purport. If all the annual sporting news guides or Red/Green books are
      showing JT Snow as never been a switch hitter every year, then ok, show
      the MASTER like that, even if he did switch hit substantially.

      Mike Maddux never switched hit in any season, even though in his career he
      batted from both sides. So, in this case, all the annual guides probably
      never show him as a switch hitter.

      Net/net: let's make the rules, and then validate the data against those
      rules. Let's proceed on the basis that yes, we want batting handedness at
      the MASTER and at the BATTING tables.

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