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3705Re: [baseball-databank] Fixing Bat Hand Code

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  • Mike Emeigh
    Jan 5, 2009
      > > The conclusion is that if anything should change, it should be to add
      > > the "actual handedness" to the batting table, not to change the
      > > attribute of the player table.
      > >
      > Yes, we could (and should) have a handedness field on both the batting and
      > Master tables. Since the data comes from Retrosheet (and the base
      > handedness data is not in the BDB), it won't break any normalization
      > rules.

      I am of the opinion that the Master table should contain the historically documented handedness for the hitter, while the Batting table should reflect the in-season handedness as Tom suggested earlier. If a player like Orlando Merced, for example, is listed historically as a switch-hitter, that's what should be in the Master table; if he only batted right-handed, or left-handed, in a given season, that's what should be in the Batting table.

      Note that we don't always have accurate information, especially pre-Retrosheet, for how certain hitters batted. Switch-hitter have been known to bat from the same side of the plate as the pitcher's hand when facing a knuckleballer, for example, and I am fairly sure that this has happened in the past, but no one thought fit to capture the information. Where the information is known, it should be captured, of course.
      Mike Emeigh

      "I think that it's high time that a new school of management emerges that uses Dilbert as it's cautionary statement - if what you are proposing as a manager has ever appeared in a Dilbert cartoon, you need to re-think your proposal."
      -- Jonathan House
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