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3492RE: [baseball-databank] 2007 update

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  • Tangotiger
    Dec 10, 2007
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      > There's actually an updated database posted at
      > http://www.baseball-databank.org/ I noticed it the other day. I'm not
      > sure
      > if it's the final release for this year or not.

      That is a Beta release. It has a couple of minor slight errors that will
      be corrected by the time the main release is announced. (From what I
      remember, there's an invalid "final game date" in one Master field, one of
      the text files has an invalid end of file record, and Roland Hemond is not
      a player. )

      As for missing awards, the file was posted just prior to some of the major
      award announcements, so that explains that.

      As for the "BATTING" table. The original intent of the BATTING table from
      years ago was to match the Official rules (all games goes in the Batting
      record, even if they didn't come to bat). Since our release is a
      Developer/Admin release (not end user), we are not constrained by these
      business rules. Eventually, we will have a ROSTER or APPEARANCE table,
      which will properly catalogue all the games played. From this Admin
      table, you'll be able to generate the data as you see fit, including an
      "Official rules" version.

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