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3459Re: [baseball-databank] Re: Franchise and Continuity

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  • Tangotiger
    Jul 2, 2007
      > But at the same time, the early 1900s Washington team, as well as the
      > White Sox, as well as the Browns after they moved from Milwaukee,
      > pointedly tried to invoke connection (and therefore fan support) by
      > adopting the nicknames of previous NL entries.
      > Given this, I don't see how a concept of "fan ID" could possibly be
      > well-defined.
      > TT

      As I said, you create a what we know. For every year, you carry certain
      information, like this:

      1,change in name (Y/N)
      2,change in league (Y/N)
      3,change in park (N/localMove/distantMove)
      4,carryover in players (as a number)
      5,carryover in retired numbers (Y/N)
      6,decree of team that history is linked (Y/N/unknown)

      So, for the Nats first year, you'd have something like:

      Then, the user is free to create whatever definition of Franchise he so
      chooses. (Since all Expos and most Nats fans want to see these two teams
      separate, so be it. Since many or most Nats fans want to link the current
      to the former Nats teams, so be it. Let this process reflect the
      prevailing opinions and even counter-opinions.)

      My point is to get the assistance of others who see the value here, in
      creating a framework that makes this as flexible as possible. Obviously,
      if you don't see any value, this isn't the party for you.

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