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3314Re: 2006 minor league statistics in CSV format

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  • Theodore Turocy
    Jan 28, 2007
      Hi again all (and apologies for crossposting):

      Following up on my initial compilation of 2006 minor league
      statistics, I have also added a parallel set of statistics from 2005.

      These can be gotten from


      I have also updated 2006 with the affiliations posted to
      baseball-databank, as well as fixing a couple errors.

      I do not have any plans to pursue 2004. As I believe is fairly
      well-known by now, the published statistics for 2004 have significant
      problems. I know many people have been working on locating and making
      public more correct versions. So it seems to make sense for me to
      defer to them on that.

      I want to avoid spamming these lists too much, so I won't announce
      future minor revisions; interested types should check the webpage from
      time to time to see if there are updates. I do anticipate adding some
      columns to both seasons in the near future, time permitting.

      drarbiter@... - AMDG
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