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3307Re: [baseball-databank] Re: 2006 minor league statistics in CSV format

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  • Theodore Turocy
    Jan 22, 2007
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      On 1/22/07, mkmv67 <afn777@...> wrote:

      Cool, thanks, if I had to recommend adding one major thing to it,
      would be the team affiliations to the minor league teams (when
      applicable)....although it wouldnt be hard for someone that downloads
      it to manually add them, just sayin.....


      But of course.  The focus of this release was preserving the major tabular data that could be extracted in an essentially automated way.

      Of course, if anyone were to fill in the affiliations in a new column and send them along, they'd get included even faster than if I have to do it myself!

      drarbiter@... - AMDG
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