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  • Tom Timmerman
    Sep 1, 2006
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      Hello all,
      Looking through the archives, I see that John asked the question I
      was about to ask, but I don't see where it was ever answered.
      Basically the question is: How do you determine games played for
      those appearing in both the batting and pitching tables?

      I merged the batting and pitching tables (from the Lahman Access
      version) and found this:
      Batting.G = Pitching.G 28,885 cases
      Batting.G < Pitching.G 2,521 cases
      (All but 6 of these are 1997-2004. 2005 has none of these cases)
      Batting.G > Pitching.G 5492 cases
      (These are spread evenly across all years and appear to reflect
      normal examples of position players doing some pitching. For these I
      assume that Batting.G is the correct number of games played.)

      Anybody got solution?


      --- In baseball-databank@yahoogroups.com, "john_rickert"
      <rickert@...> wrote:
      > Is there any plan to put players games played in the baseball
      > Before 1998, everyone's games played was included in the Batting
      > but since then, the pitchers' totals are no longer listed in
      either section.
      > e.g. last year, Johann Santana appeared in 34 games.
      > In the batting section Santana is listed as batting in 2 games
      > interleague games)
      > in the pitching section, he is listed as pitching in 34 games.
      > Randy Johnson appeared in 35 games.
      > Johnson is listed as batting in 33 games, pitching in 35.
      > Brooks Kieschnick appeared in 77 games.
      > Kieschnick is listed as batting in 75 games, pitching in 32.
      > How do we determine the actual number of games played for
      > And these are all obvious players. Most years, there is some
      pitcher who makes some
      > pinch running/pinch fielding appearance. How do we find these for
      the years since inter-
      > league play started?
      > A less obvious player is Jason Simontacchi, who played in 15 games.
      > Simontacchi is listed as batting in 14 games, pitching in 13.
      > john rickert
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