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3051Re: Unbalanced Statistics

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  • Paul Wendt
    May 14, 2006
      Clifford Blau <brak2.0@...> wrote:
      > I'm posting this to both Retrolist and Baseball Databank.
      > Apologies to those who get it twice.
      > I was aware of the problem of unbalanced statistics in distant
      > seasons, but still I was surprised today. Upon commencing some
      > research into walks, I found some large discrepancies between
      > batter and pitcher totals. Taking 1911 for instance, there is a
      > difference of 76 walks between the AL batting and pitching totals.

      I think the question is how to set priorities, including where it is
      worth doing at all.

      We (bb-db) should have a guide to major league statistics that shows
      and tells the sources, not player by player but year by year. In my
      mind's eye, it is largely graphical, relying on color- and line-
      shading. Clerical error in compilation of e-databases would be the
      unstated or once-for-all stated source of all data. For 1871-1968,
      ICI would be one general source but the guide would be finer grained:
      ICI daily newspaper research, ICI sum(by computer) of dailies, ICI sum
      of team pitchers (maybe nowhere used), etc. Historical research since
      1969 would be another general source --or two, one being research by
      Pete Palmer and those who worked directly with him.

      Paul Wendt
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