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3048Re: Unbalanced Statistics

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  • dsreyn
    May 12, 2006
      Cliff -

      I'm not sure if anyone else (other than Retrosheet efforts) is working
      on this.

      Regarding your other question, I think fixing problems in earlier
      seasons is going to be difficult. I've been focusing on recent years
      because these are generally easy to fix. For example, with the hits
      allowed by Texas pitching in 1981 (a discrepancy of 40 hits), it seems
      clear where the error lies. There are a number of published
      references available (plus Retrosheet and other on-line sources), and
      all of these agree, so I have no doubt that the BDB teams table was in

      With earlier seasons, things are often much less clear. There may be
      fewer sources to consult, but the biggest problem is that there may be
      different values for a particular stat from source to source (in many
      cases, several different values). Trying to figure out which source
      is correct is obviously not a straightforward process. Recomputing
      stats from box scores or play by play data might be the only solution.

      My thought is that it ought to be possible to get everything balanced
      back to perhaps around 1960 (give or take a few years). I'd expect
      another there to be another period where many, but not all of the
      problems may be fixable. Beyond some point (I'm not quite sure
      where), I think the chances of solving many of the problems drop


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      > > Cliff -
      > >
      > > See post 2977 for some information on discrepancies in the data. In
      > > short, there are quite a few cases where individual totals don't add
      > > to the team totals, and where batting and pitching totals for a season
      > > don't balance.
      > >
      > > I've been working on tracking down some of these problems (though I
      > > haven't done much of this lately). Posts 2930, 2931, 2932, 2933,
      > > 2935, 2936, 2941, 2943, 2944, and 2951 have some proposed data
      > > corrections (and follow-up discussion).
      > >
      > > Doug
      > So I see, and one of the earlier posts tells how you've been going
      > about this. (Not that I really understand what you mean by scripts.)
      > Then my questions remain, is anyone besides you working on this
      > problem, and what would it take to fix some of the large discrepancies
      > in the earlier seasons?
      > And don't let me forget: thanks for your efforts, Doug.
      > Cliff
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