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3047Re: Unbalanced Statistics

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  • cliffordblau
    May 9, 2006
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      --- In baseball-databank@yahoogroups.com, "dsreyn" <dreynolds@...> wrote:
      > Cliff -
      > See post 2977 for some information on discrepancies in the data. In
      > short, there are quite a few cases where individual totals don't add
      > to the team totals, and where batting and pitching totals for a season
      > don't balance.
      > I've been working on tracking down some of these problems (though I
      > haven't done much of this lately). Posts 2930, 2931, 2932, 2933,
      > 2935, 2936, 2941, 2943, 2944, and 2951 have some proposed data
      > corrections (and follow-up discussion).
      > Doug

      So I see, and one of the earlier posts tells how you've been going
      about this. (Not that I really understand what you mean by scripts.)
      Then my questions remain, is anyone besides you working on this
      problem, and what would it take to fix some of the large discrepancies
      in the earlier seasons?

      And don't let me forget: thanks for your efforts, Doug.

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